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इमरान खान के नेतृत्व में पाकिस्तान – भारत-पाक संबंधों की भावी दिशा
जिसने भी पाकिस्तान के प्रधानमंत्री इमरान खान को 25 जुलाई, 2018 को उस समय बोलते सुना होगा, जब यह स्पष्ट हो गया था कि चुनावी नतीजे उनके पक्ष में आए हैं, उसे अपने मन में उनकी छवि बदलनी पड़ी होगी। हमने दोस्ताना माहौल वाले वर्षों में उन्हें भारत में देखा है।
Emerging Strategic Dynamics in Indo-Pacific and India-Vietnam Cooperation
International order is undergoing profound and rapid changes, which compel all powers to continually adapt their foreign and security policies, in order to protect their national interests to the extent possible.
BIMSTEC: Poised to make Progress?
India’s commitment towards establishing regional connectivity has been reiterated once again at the Bay of Bengal initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) Summit held at Kathmandu on August 30-31, 2018.
Lead, Kindly Light! - The Importance of Teachers in Our Lives
India has always bowed in veneration before the teacher. Why? Ancient Indians considered Creation itself a great sacrifice on the part of the Cosmic Being. This act of sacrifice is to be replicated by human beings in all their actions to uphold this Creation. Our parents bring forth new life by giving birth to us and raising us. In that process, they work hard and even undergo a lot of suffering.
कृषि की वृद्धि में एमएसपी की भूमिका
देश भर में फैले कृषि संकट से राहत देने के लिए केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल ने जुलाई में एक महत्वपूर्ण कदम उठाया। मंत्रिमंडल ने खरीफ सत्र से पहले 14 फसलों के न्यूनतम समर्थन मूल्य (एमएसपी) में वृद्धि का ऐलान किया, जिसके बाद एमएसपी फसल की लागत के कम से कम 150 प्रतिशत हो गए।
Prospects for India–China Maritime Cooperation
The keynote address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered at the Shangri-La Dialogue on June 01, 2018, succinctly spelt out India’s Indo-Pacific strategy between the “shifting plates of global politics and the fault lines of history”.
In Defense of Nationalism
In 1917, Rabindranath Tagore came out with a booklet on nationalism. It was a collection of three articles and a poem. Two of these, ‘Nationalism in the West’ and ‘Nationalism in Japan’, were lectures delivered in the USA in 1916-17 and in Japan in 1916 respectively.
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July 13, 2018
VIF Fortnightly News Digest: National Security- Defence Studies & Terrorism (June 16 – 30, 2018)

Contents Defense News: AI Task Force hands over final report to RM; MoD Enhances Financial Powers of DRDO; Air-...

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International Development
September 20, 2018
VIF News Digest: International Developments (10-16 Sept 2018)

USA US planning two meetings of Quad nations in a year, 13 Sept 2018 The Trump Administration has said that it is planning...

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Neighbourhood News
September 21, 2018
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: 21st September, 2018

PAKISTAN Pak, India foreign ministers to hold meeting on sidelines of UNGA: Indian MEA: Dawn September 21, 2018 Foreign...

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