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Chilling Geostrategic Environment: An era of ‘Authoritarian Conflict Management’
Are we getting close to a global confrontation or are these fears grossly exaggerated? Lately, the French President had spoken of sending ground troops to Ukraine, there are reports of 12 CIA bases in U...
Hezbollah in the North
Israel currently in midst of ground operation in Gaza Strip is simultaneously engaged in limited war across the Blue Line on its northern frontier with Hezbollah. The near daily exchange of fire that be...
Where India-US Relations Stand in 2024?
In his recent visit to New Delhi, Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and former Ambassador of the United States to India, Richard R. Verma presented a “long-view” of the India-US rel...
Pakistan’s Political Pantomime
The Pakistan Conundrum
Pakistan never fails to baffle the policy makers and analysts across the world. The exasperation is effectively expressed in words of Late US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. In Dec 2012, she stated
Xi Jinping Reinforces Security Apparatus Amidst Growing Popular Discontent
The slowing economy and increasing joblessness have contributed to the growing popular discontent in China. This has affected China’s entrepreneurs and there are indications that discontent has spread also to the ‘princelings’ and cadres in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
Israel-Hamas War: Enough is Enough
“How much is enough “to rake up the conscience and comfort levels of the international community especially for USA- the sole benefactor of the Netanyahu led Israeli onslaught on the hapless and hopeles...
VIF News Digests
Neighbourhood News
April 16, 2024
Neighborhood News Digest- 16 April 2024

Afghanistan Mujahid: Current White Flag Sufficient for Now-Tolo News The Islamic Emirate addressed questions regarding the...

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Africa Now
January 1, 2024
Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 52, 2023)

Commentary How the Global South is rediscovering centuries of shared history to challenge Western domination India’s...

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Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
April 8, 2024
VIF News Digest : National Security- Defence Studies & Terrorism (16-31 March 2024)

Defence Anti-Piracy operations against Pirate Ship MV Ruen by Indian Navy Maiden test-firing of India’s first indigenously-...

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Eurasia News Digest
April 4, 2024
Eurasia News Digest (16-31 March 2024)

Russia and Central Asia US held the first B5+1 Forum Announced by President Biden during the inaugural C5+1 Summit in...

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VIF Cyber Review
April 16, 2024
Cyber Review - March 2024

National Cabinet approved over ₹10,300 Crores for “IndiaAI” programme The Cabinet, on 07 March, approved an allocation of...

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Myanmar Round Up
April 12, 2024
Myanmar Round Up: March 2024

The situation in Myanmar remains troubled since the military coup in February 2021. Myanmar's military chief, Min Aung...

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West Asia Round Up
March 19, 2024
West Asia Roundup: February 2024

Abstract With the ongoing Israel -Hamas war and increasing violence and death and destruction of large number of civilian...

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Global Developments And Analysis: Weekly Monitor
April 16, 2024
Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (01-07 April 2024)

Economic How the West lost control of the gold market The first sign of an impending shift was that, in first few months...

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Science and Technology
April 5, 2024
Science and Technology (S&T) Digest (16-31 March 2024), Issue 34

In this Issue I. Defence and Security Induction of Helicopter Unit at Air Force Station Thanjavur Delivery of ‘Ammunition...

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US Insights
April 12, 2024
US - Insights - March 2024

India-US Relations Incredible momentum in India-US defence relations: Pentagon official There is a paradigm change and...

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Culture & Civilisation
April 5, 2024
Cultural and Civilisational Newsletter : March-2024

Buddha relics return to India after historic Thailand tour- The Economic Times The relics of Lord Buddha, along with those...

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Multilateralism Digest
April 15, 2024
Multilateralism Digest: March 2024-Issue 3

I. India in the UN India bats for reform in ILO’s governing structure India suggests reform of UNSC working methods Second...

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China Digest
June 5, 2023
China Digest (16-31 May 2023)

India-China Relations It is learnt that China objected to the proposal from India to add Abdul Rauf of the JeM to the UN...

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