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अफगानिस्तान में तालिबानी हुकूमत के असर
अफगानिस्तान के हालिया घटनाक्रमों के वैश्विक एवं क्षेत्रीय स्थिरता के लिए अच्छे संकेत नहीं हैं। यह क्षेत्र तालिबान की हुकूमत में वापसी के साथ ही सबसे ज्यादा अस्थिर हो गया है। अफगानिस्तान से आतंकवाद एवं कट्टरता की ऊंची उठती लपटों का विश्व के अन्य हिस्सों को भी अपनी चपेट में ले लेने का खतरा उत्पन्न हो गया है। अमेरिकी फौज की वापसी ने एक क्षेत्रीय-शक्ति की एक शून्यता पैदा कर दी है, जिससे क्षेत्र में आगे चल कर और भी दुश्वारियां होने की आशंकाएं हैं।
China’s Communist Party Celebrates its Centenary-What Next?
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s centenary celebrations were extensively covered in the Chinese media. Xi Jinping, who holds China’s three top positions of CCP General Secretary, Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and Chinese President, delivered an important speech on the occasion on July 1, 2021. His speech provided a few pointers about future plans including an indication that he intends to remain in power.
Is Japan’s LDP changing?
There is a change afoot in the normally placid politics of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which governs Japan. On Friday 17 September, four candidates emerged with varied views. This includes two women candidates. Their multiple candidacies, the diversity of the views and apprehension that they have caused the factions which govern the LDP, indicate that some change is happening.
सीपीपीसीसी के चेयरमैन वांग यांग का तिब्बत स्वायत्त क्षेत्र का दौरा अहम
वांग यांग का22 सदस्य शिष्टमंडल के साथ तिब्बत स्वायत्त क्षेत्र (टार) ल्हासा का तीन दिवसीय (18-20 अगस्त 2021) दौरा करना काफी अहम है। यांग पोलित ब्यूरो की स्थाई समिति के सदस्य हैं और चाइनीज पीपुल्स पॉलिटिकल कंसल्टेटिव कॉन्फ्रेंस( सीपीपीसीसी) के अध्यक्ष हैं। उनका यह दौरा चीनी राष्ट्रपति शी जिनपिंग के जुलाई में हुए दौरे के बाद हुआ है,और दोनों ही दौरों का मिलाजुला इरादा चीनी कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी (सीसीपी) के नेतृत्व की तिब्बत के सामाजिक, आर्थिक और सांस्कृतिक रूपांतरण की योजना को पूरी सक्रियता से लागू करना है।
Taiwan’s Evolving Security Concerns and Prospects of Cross-Strait Unification
The ‘Century of Humiliation’ occupies a special place in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ruled People’s Republic of China (PRC) in driving the ruling narrative in the country. It has gained a renewed emphasis under the leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The term refers to the period from years 1839 to 1949 when the Chinese nation was subjected to imperial intervention and subjugation, and as a consequence, lost control over large swathes of territory to the foreigners.
Significance of Nobuo Kishi’s Vietnam Visit in the Indo-Pacific
In recent times, Vietnam has emerged as the darling of the world. Many important countries such as the US, Japan, India and many European countries are making special efforts to court Vietnam. Why is there this sudden recognition of Vietnam and why does Vietnam qualify for such an honour? There are valid reasons for this. Each country making special effort to woo Vietnam finds matching interests between the two countries. The factors for such bonhomie range from economic to strategic/security considerations with cultural background underpinning and providing additional heft.
Metaphors of Reverence: A Tale of Two Civilisational Gestures
Reverence to others comes out as what one has inherited and learned from their elders or ancestors. As Martin Heidegger puts it, “In giving thanks, the heart gives thought to what it has and what it is.”1 The praxis of revering would vary based on the learned ethos and values that they have inherited from their ancestors.
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