Eurasia News Digest
Eurasia News Digest, September 1-15, 2023

Russia and Central Asia

Presidents of Kyrgyzstan and Russia give start to construction of three schools

Today we give a start to the construction of three out of nine schools in Bishkek, Batken and...

Eurasia News Digest, August 16-31, 2023

Russia and Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan: President pushes back on US accusations of sanctions-busting behavior

Kyrgyzstan is responding with what might be described as defiant compliance to a request by...

Eurasia News Digest, August 1-15, 2023

Russia and Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan Declares an Energy Emergency and Looks to China for Support

On August 1, amid a hot summer and the looming shadow of another winter to come, a decree signed by...

Eurasia News Digest, July 15-31, 2023

Russia and Central Asia

Tajikistan president calls for deep ties between Central Asia and GCC

During his address at the first summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the Central...

Eurasia News Digest, July 1-15, 2023

Russia and Central Asia

Prosecutor's Office: In Kostanay region, they tried to involve Kazakhstanis in the war in Ukraine

In the Kostanay region, the local population was drawn into the war in...

Eurasia News Digest - June 15-30, 2023

Russia & Central Asia

Kazakhstan Is Vulnerable to Secondary Sanctions

In recent months, growing tensions between Washington and Moscow as well as intensified attacks in Ukraine have raised...

Eurasia News Digest (June 1-15)

Russia & Central Asia

Trade between Kyrgyzstan and EU grows to $602.6 million in 2022

The Kyrgyz Republic took part in the Trade Policy Review of the European Union at the World Trade...

Eurasia News Digest (May 16-31)

Central Asia
Attempt of EU ambassador to Armenia to interfere in internal affairs of Azerbaijan is unacceptable: MFA

On May 15, during a press conference, EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin...

Eurasia News Digest (1-15 May)

Central Asia

President Japarov's press secretary asks U.S. not to interfere in internal affairs of Kyrgyzstan and calls statements on Azattyk Media 'irrelevant'

U.S. State Department's Spokesperson...

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