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Article 370: Abrogation for Progress and Development of Jammu & Kashmir
The divesting of Art 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution from within its own provisions and by way of Presidential decrees was a stroke of legal genius by PM Modi’s government – these Articles were seen by the rest of India as anachronistic and discriminatory. This also clearly attests to the genius of the drafters of our dynamic constitution that had considered and provided for its “Temporary and Transient” nature in no uncertain terms. It was no Holy Grail as was presumed due to political expediency in keeping fanned flames under the lid.
Repeal of Article 370 - Pakistan’s Reaction
Articles 370 and 35 A, which gave special status to J&K were part of Indian Constitution. Their repeal does not violate any international agreement. These ensured that the people of J&K enjoyed democratic rights within the Indian Union, which the people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) never had. Even after the recent amendment, there will be no change in this position. As part of the Union Territories, the people of J&K and Laddakh will continue to have representation in Indian Parliament.
5G Infrastructure for Global Digital Economy: US and China in Race to Redefine the World Order
5G Key Features 5G is the next generation of wireless technology. ‘Generations’ are technically defined by their data transmission speeds and in encoding methods, or ‘air interfaces’. These promise greater speed (to move more data), lower latency (to be more responsive), and the ability to connect a lot more devices at once (for sensors and smart devices). 5G networks use OFDM encoding, with the air interface designed for much lower latency and greater flexibility than LTE or the 4G technology.
Shaping Strategies for Space Encounters - An Assessment
Brief Premise This article flows out from the following three developments that took place in the recent past”:- On 27 Mar 2019, India conducted Mission Shakti, an anti satellite missile test destroying a live satellite in Low earth Orbit (LEO).1 In Apr 2019, the Govt established the Defence Space Agency (DSA) to command the space assets of the Army, Navy and Air Force, including the military's anti satellite capability2.
दहनशील खाड़ी में संकट
हम खाड़ी संकट को तेज गति से बढ़ता हुआ देख रहे हैं, जिससे यहां जंग छिड़ सकती है। इसका दुष्परिणाम इस क्षेत्र एवं पूरी दुनिया के लिए अनियंत्रित और संभवत: भयावह हो सकता है। दुखद यह है कि इस संकट को टालने के लिए हमने संबद्ध पक्षों या किन्हीं अन्य पक्षों की ओर से एक भी गंभीर प्रयास होते नहीं देख रहे हैं। खाड़ी में यह ताजा संकट अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति डोनाल्ड ट्रंप के मई 2018 में ईरानी परमाणु समझौता तोड़ देने के बाद पैदा हुआ है। इस समझौते को तकनीकी भाषा में ज्वाइंट कम्प्रीहेंसिव प्लान ऑफ एक्शन (JCPOA) कहते हैं।
Britain does a ‘Britain’ as Europe Dithers like ‘Europe’
The European Union (EU) has been labouring hard to prove that it is serious about carrying more political heft in the world. Statements emanating from Brussels have made all the right noises in this direction. However, it seems that the usual pulls and pushes of managing a 28 country block is sapping all of the EU’s energy and delaying its advent on the international geopolitical stage. Moreover, the EU lacks hard power and it looks increasingly unlikely that it will acquire the same in the near future.
From Sanctions to Submarines - Myanmar, July 2019
July 2019 saw Myanmar remain in the news for a number of reasons, some negative and others not so negative. At the end of it all, though it may be a bit early to judge, it seems to be business as usual for the nation.
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
August 13, 2019
VIF News Digest: National Security, Defence Studies and Terrorism, 16-31 July, 2019

Defence: Raksha Mantri Reviews Progress of Two Defence Industrial Corridors; RM Reviews Operationalisation of JV Indo-...

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International Development
August 8, 2019
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, EU, Russia and Africa), 19 July –3 August, 2019

United States Blistering criticism of Obama highlights dramatic shift inside Democratic Party: CNN, 2 June 2019 Former...

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Neighbourhood News
August 19, 2019
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: August 19, 2019

PAKISTAN Qureshi challenges Modi to hold public referendum in occupied Kashmir: Dawn August 19, 2019 Foreign Minister Shah...

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