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Changing Contours of Drone Warfare – Dawn of a New Reality
Military drones have become an indispensable tool in modern warfare, and stand poised to shape the contours of all future wars. Use of drones in warfare is not new, they were used in Vietnam,
Chinese President Xi Jinping Beset by Growing Popular Discontent
Faced with increasing popular discontent, Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese leadership have since the 19th Party Congress in 2017 been focussed on trying to assert the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s pre-eminence in all sectors and ensure social stability.
As Russia-Ukraine conflict reaches two year mark, it is advantage Putin
With the West locked into a semi-permanent conflict with Russia, and the fraying deterrence equations between the big powers, the consequent disequilibrium on the Eurasian continent is a matter of deep ...
Ongoing Russia-Ukraine War 2022-2024: Battleground of Adaptations and Innovations
The war that commenced on 24 February 2022 between Ukraine and Russia, has limited parallels with the ongoing war! The sheer dynamism in adaptation, by initiative, ingenuity and vitality of the battlegr...
Recent Developments and Trends in South East Asia-An Update
In the intertwined world of today it is axiomatic the developments at the international level will have impact on regional responses and outcomes. The year 2023 saw recovery of the SE Asian nations from...
The Red Sea Crisis Revives the Importance of IMEC
Despite the initial perception that a prolonged conflict in the Middle East could stall the implementation of the ambitious India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC), the recent developments see...
VIF News Digests
Neighbourhood News
February 27, 2024
Neighborhood News Digest- 27 February 2024

Afghanistan Afghanistan launches Polio Vaccination campaign- The Khama Press The Ministry of Public Health, in collaboration...

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Africa Now
January 1, 2024
Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 52, 2023)

Commentary How the Global South is rediscovering centuries of shared history to challenge Western domination India’s...

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Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
February 21, 2024

Defence Over ₹6.21 lakh crore allocation to Ministry of Defence in Interim Union Budget 2024-2025. Indian Coast Guard...

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Eurasia News Digest
February 20, 2024
Eurasia News Digest (1-15 February, 2024)

Russia and Central Asia Condor Energies secures gas field contract in Uzbekistan Condor Energies Inc. (TSX: CDR), a Canadian...

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VIF Cyber Review
January 9, 2024
Cyber Review - December 2023

National Bharat hosted the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence as “Global Hub for AI Innovation”. Bharat, the...

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Myanmar Round Up
February 15, 2024
Myanmar Round up: January 2024

Before the third anniversary of military takeover on 01 February 2024, the military extended the state of emergency beyond...

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West Asia Round Up
February 27, 2024
West Asia Roundup: January 2024

Abstract Apart from the Houthi strikes on commercial ships in the Red Sea and counter strikes by the US & UK navies on...

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Global Developments And Analysis: Weekly Monitor
February 27, 2024
Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (12-18 February 2024)

Economic China puts high expectations on ‘new productive forces’ in search for sustainable growth engines In recent...

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Science and Technology
February 1, 2024
Science and Technology (S&T) Digest 1-15 January 2024, Issue 29

In this Issue I. Defence and Security MoD Signs Contracts Worth Rs 802 Crores for Procurement of Equipment DRDO Conducts...

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US Insights
February 8, 2024
US Insights (1-31 January, 2024)

India-US Relations 13th Ministerial-level meeting of the India-United States Trade Policy Forum (TPF) in Washington, DC...

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Multilateralism Digest
February 8, 2024
Multilateralism Digest: January 2024 - Issue 1

I. India in the UN India pushes for equitable status for Global South India to support the 3rd UN Conference on Landlocked...

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China Digest
June 5, 2023
China Digest (16-31 May 2023)

India-China Relations It is learnt that China objected to the proposal from India to add Abdul Rauf of the JeM to the UN...

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