Building Capabilities and Capacities for India - Policy suggestions for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government 2024

The Vivekananda International Foundation has published a report Building Capabilities and Capacities for India: Policy Suggestions for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government 2024. It makes several policy suggestions in areas ranging from foreign policy, defence technology and strategic manufacturing to climate change, cybersecurity and culture and civilisation. Based on the expert-level discussions held at the VIF, the report suggests an expansion of diplomatic capacity to enable deeper engagement with the world. It underscores the need to bring out a National Security Strategy, and a Foreign Policy Concept for an uncertain world. Taking note of the need to remain constantly engaged with the world, it suggests the appointment of regional and thematic special envoys to complement the normal diplomatic exchanges. It recommends setting up an office of International Trade Negotiators to improve India's trade negotiation capabilities. It emphasises the need for reexamining joining the RCEP and concluding a BIMSTEC FTA. On the economic front, the report recommends increased focus on the aspirations of the youths, creating more jobs, raising per capita income and recommends the inclusion of petrol and diesel under the GST. Noting the complexity of the energy transition to net zero, the report recommends that nuclear power should be given the status of green energy and should be provided incentives on par with renewable. Taking cognisance of the serious negative impact of climate change on the economy and society, the report recommends that climate change should be factored into all policies and plans. The report also covers areas such as Foreign Policy, International Trade, Arctic Issues, Maritime, Defence, Strategic Manufacturing and Exports, India as a drone hub, Space, Shipbuilding, Cybersecurity Startups, Project implementation, Climate Change and biodiversity, Economy, Energy Transition and Power Sector, Agriculture and Rural Development, Higher Education, Ayurveda, Legal system, Urbanisation, Infrastructure Development, Connecting Bharat with India, Delhi, the Capital city, Internal Security, Culture and civilisation and Special Missions (AI, Quantum technologies, Cyber-physical)

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