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Ethiopia Hosts the First African Forum on Cybercrime
The African nations are facing the fastest growth rate in Internet penetration worldwide. The African Union has revealed that the digital connectivity in the continent has tripled in the last five years, and it is also expected that by 2020, nearly a third of the global Gross Domestic Product is expected to be generated by the digital economy
Bhutan Elections 2018: Analysis
It has been a decade since Bhutan started its first innings with procedural democratic reforms. The third round of elections held on October 18, 2018 found its final culmination, with a 71.4 percent voter turnout, and the much anticipated victory of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) which won 30 seats in the National Assembly.
India Faces New Political Configurations in the Neighbourhood
Many unexpected but important developments are taking place in India’s neighbourhood. New political dispensations with new agendas have emerged in Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal and Pakistan. Besides, one would have to await the elections in Bangladesh in the next few months. Presidential elections are due in Afghanistan next year. India’s “Neighbourhood First” policy will have to take into account these changes and tweaked, if need be.
Artillery Today
The Indian Artillery has ever been performing creditably during war and peace. Its motto ‘Sarvatra’ signifies its employment in all operations including Low Intensity Conflicts. Artillery is actively involved in surveillance, reconnaissance, engagement of targets and post-strike damage assessment.
पश्चिम एशियाई घटनाक्रमः सितंबर 2018
संयुक्त राष्ट्र महासभा (यूएनजीए) में अपने संबोधन में इजरायल के प्रधानमंत्री बेंजामिन नेतन्याहू ने ईरान पर करारा हमला बोला। उन्होंने दावा किया कि ईरान ने तेहरान में एक परमाणु भंडार छिपाया हुआ है। उन्होंने अंतरराष्ट्रीय परमाणु ऊर्जा एजेंसी (आईएईए) से उक्त जगह का मुआयना करने के लिए भी कहा। जबसे ट्रंप प्रशासन ने संयुक्त व्यापक कार्ययोजना (जेसीपीओए) से कदम पीछे खींचे हैं तबसे मामलों को अपने हाथ में लेने को लेकर इजरायल में नई ऊर्जा एवं उत्साह का संचार हुआ है।
Wolesi Jirga Elections - Triumph of Afghan Democracy
After being delayed by more than three years, elections for the Afghan National Assembly (Wolesi Jirga) were finally held on 20th October amidst growing threats from the Taliban.
इमरान खान के नया पाकिस्तान के लिए विदेश नीति की चुनौतियां
पाकिस्तान ने इमरान खान की कप्तानी में नई राजनीतिक पारी शुरू की है; इमरान खान नया पाकिस्तान के अपने एजेंडा के साथ चुने गए हैं। यह एजेंडा कागजों पर ऐसे इस्लामी कल्याणकारी राज्य का सपना दिखाता है, जो भ्रष्टाचार से मुक्त होगा और जिसमें देश को आगे ले जाने की राष्ट्रीय गौरव की भावना कूट-कूटकर भरी होगी।
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
September 26, 2018
VIF News Digest: National Security, Defence Studies and Terrorism (September 01 – 15, 2018)

Contents Defence: Opening Ceremony: Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (...

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International Development
November 6, 2018
VIF News Digest: International Developments (29 Oct – 04 Nov 2018)

USA Indian airlines are creating a lot of jobs in the US, says SpiceJet chairman Ajay Singh, 29 Oct 2018 Indian airlines are...

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Neighbourhood News
November 12, 2018
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: 12th November, 2018

PAKISTAN Lashkari Raisani wants truth commission on missing persons issue: Dawn A senior leader of the Balochistan National...

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