VIF Neighborhood News Digest: March 11, 2020

Balochistan reports first coronavirus case: Dawn
March 11, 2020

VIF Information Alerts - 28 Feb 2020

American lawmakers seek assurances, transparency on U.S.-Taliban peace deal
Published: The Hindu

28 Feb 2020

Nearly two dozen American lawmakers have sought assurances and...

VIF Information Alerts - 24 Feb 2020

Pakistan hopeful of an imminent Afghan deal
Published: The Nation

03 Feb 2020

A Pakistan-backed peace deal between the Afghan Taliban and the United States is imminent amid...

VIF Information Alerts - 3th Feb 2020

Indians ‘among surrendered IS fighters’
Published: The Telegraph

04 Feb 2020

Indian nationals were among the over 1,400 fighters of a blacklisted faction of the Islamic State...

VIF Information Alerts - 31 January 2020

UN report warns of rising terror threat
Published: Hindustan Times

31 Jan 2020

The Islamic State (IS) affiliate in Afghanistan has established contacts with Pakistan-based...

VIF Information Alerts - 30 January 2020

EU Parliament postpones voting on CAA in major diplomatic victory for India
Published: The Economic Times

30 Jan 2020

VIF Information Alerts - 28 January 2020

Govt signs Bodo peace accord, ends decades-old armed movement for separate state
Published: Hindustan Times

28 Jan 2020

The Union government on Monday signed a peace accord...

VIF Information Alerts - 29 January 2020

Chinese trawlers sighted in Indian Ocean: Official
Published: Hindustan Times

29 Jan 2020

VIF Information Alerts - 22 January 2020

Trump reiterates offer to mediate on Kashmir
Published: Daily Times

22 Jan 2020

US President Donald Trump said the United States was watching developments between India and...

VIF Information Alerts - 20 January 2020

Eye on China, South gets 1st Sukhoi squad with BrahMos
Published: The Economic Times

20 Jan 2020

India now has a new lethal weapons platform to keep a ‘strategic eye’ over...

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