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Understanding the Constitutional Provisions on Citizenship in the Current Context
A furious debate is on in the country over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019. Protests erupted in parts of the country and, unfortunately, some of them turned violent. Lives were lost and public and private property damaged. But there have also been many voices in favour of the amendment.
एशियाई भूराजनीति में चीन का प्रभावः भारत के लिए निहितार्थ
शी चिनफिंग के शब्दों में चीन ‘बंधुत्व, परस्पर विश्वास एवं समावेशन’ के आधार पर प्रमुख देखों के साथ संबंधों का एक ‘नया मॉडल’ यानी नवीन प्रतिरूप बना रहा है जिसमें पड़ोसी देशों के साथ संबंध बनाने की एक नीति भी तैयारी की जा रही है।
Citizenship Amendment Act: Uncalled for Protests
In the wake of the recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) several parts of the country have been rocked by violent protests including with the participation of some prominent institutions of learning. While violent protests are per se reprehensible, in the instant case an objective analysis of the nature of the Act and the prevailing circumstances would militate against even a peaceful agitation. Clearly, the protests being witnessed are the result of unfounded apprehensions fomented by vested interests who are acting against the national interest.
भारत-मंगोलिया -आध्यात्मिक पड़ोसी
जब हम मंगोलिया की बात करते हैं तो हमें वहाँ हाड़ कंपानेवाली ठंड, इसकी भारत से दूरी और इसकी सुंदरता ही ज़ेहन में उभरती है। यह एक ऐसा देश है, जहाँ भारतीयों से लोग शायद बौद्ध धर्म से उनके संबंध और हिमालयन हेरिटेज के कारण प्रेम करते हैं। मंगोलियाई लोग अपनी गर्मजोशी और आतिथ्य के लिए जाने जाते हैं। यहाँ के लोगों से जब भी आप मिलते हैं तो ‘सेन-बाई-नू’ शब्द से अभिवादन यहाँ के लोगों की सरलता और भरपूर जीवंतता का परिचय कराता है। चीन और रूस मंगोलिया के पड़ोसी हैं। सोवियत संघ के विघटन के बाद यहाँ -30 डिग्री की ठंड में 1990 के दशक में प्रदर्शन हुए थे और इस देश ने लोकतंत्र को इसके बाद अपनाया था। कुछ करने की इ
Boris Johnson’s victory and Brexit
Boris Johnson’s victory in last Thursday’s elections has secured an 80 member majority for the Conservative party, which won 365 seats as against 202 for the Labour party. This has given the Prime Minister free hand to negotiate Brexit with enhanced credibility. EU’s dilemma during previous rounds of negotiations arose from the fact that it had a negotiating partner with dwindling margin of support in a divided Parliament and rift within the ruling party itself. This stage is over.
Renewable Energy is the Way Forward
In a span of just seven days recently, two varying bits of information emerged on the climate change front for India. The first is that India lost 2,018 lives in 2018 due to the fallout of this crisis. And the second is that the country entered the league of top ten nations in climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), bettering its rank from eleventh last year to ninth this year.
China’s influence in Asian Geopolitics: Implications for India
China, in Xi Jinping’s words, is a building a “new model” of major-country relations, and crafting a policy of building relations with neighbouring countries, based on “amity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness”.
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