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Turkey's Changing Dynamics with the GCC States
Amb. Anil Trigunayat, Distinguished Fellow at VIF analyses "Turkey's Changing Dynamics with the GCC states". The speaker identifies Turkey's strategic interests in the Persian Gulf region and the core areas of conflict; elaborates on the reasons for Turkey's rapprochement with GCC states since 2021 and discusses its implication on India".
Expect a Recalibration in the Pakistan- Taliban Relationship
The picture of former ISI chief Lt Gen Faiz Hameed and Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mansour Ahmed Khan enjoying tea at Kabul’s Serena Hotel in a relaxed mood just before the announcement of Taliban’s ‘interim’ government in September 2021 sparked debates about Pakistan’s control over the Afghan Taliban. By then, it was widely known how many in Islamabad had cheered when the Taliban seized Kabul on August 15. The collapse of the Western-backed Afghan Republic was seen as an opportunity for Pakistan to reset its strained relations with Kabul by installing a proxy regime.
Russia’s Military Understanding of Air Power: Structural & Doctrinal Aspects
The fog of war continues to hangover Ukraine even after eighty days, especially with facts difficult to discern amongst the information war running in parallel, biased reportage, and contradictory narratives based on the wide swath of international political agendas. In this war of shifting objectives and seemingly endless attrition, showcased in destruction, death and human misery, it is extremely difficult to discern cogent military lessons with a significant degree of certainty.
The Boiling Baloch Pot: A Continued Saga of Baloch Resistance
A suicide bombing that killed three Chinese nationals in the Pakistani city of Karachi on April 26, 2022, has sent shock waves throughout the region. Notably, this incident rests on two problematically linked facts. One, this attack took place at the entrance of the University of Karachi’s Confucius Institute. Therefore, this was a targeted attack against Chinese nationals. Two, the suicide bomber was a Baloch by ethnicity.
Remembering Swami Vivekananda's Concept of Universal Brotherhood on Africa Day
In the history of mankind, there have been rare instances where the introductory words spoken by a person have electrified the whole audience as much as Swami Vivekananda’s groundbreaking speech to the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions. Beginning with the words “Sisters and Brothers of America,” the speech managed to not only eliminate the difference between Swamiji’s status as a person belonging to a different nation and religion, but also made the audience realise that they were in the presence of a great personality, who could really show them the path of universal brotherhood.
Russia-China: The Unequal Relationship and its Implications
A brief background of world events will help set the context for assessing this relationship. Without delving into why Russia did what it did in Ukraine, over the past few years we have witnessed major powers attempting to consolidate or expand their territory – as in the case of China – or their areas of influence.
Challenges that Confront South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol
Yoon Suk-yeol assumed the office of South Korea’s new President on 10 May and had barely settled into his new role when he found himself at the centre of an ongoing tug of war between the US and China. In a smart move, China sent Vice-President Wang Qishan to Yoon’s inauguration. But Biden was smarter as he travels to South Korea and Japan from 20-24 May 2022, two allies in Asia, to solidify US alliances and keep Chinese influence at bay. What makes the visit significant is that it came at a time when much of the world’s focus is on the Russia-Ukraine crisis.
VIF News Digests
China Daily Digest
July 6, 2022
China: Daily Scan, July 06, 2022

Chinese vice premier stresses consolidating poverty alleviation outcomes: Xinhuanet July 5, 2022 Chinese Vice Premier Hu...

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Neighbourhood News
July 6, 2022
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: July 06, 2022

Afghanistan Karzai Calls Clerics’ Gathering 'Symbolic': Tolo News Former President Hamid Karzai called the gathering of the...

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Global Developments And Analysis: Weekly Monitor
July 6, 2022
Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor, 27 June - 03 July 2022

Economic Our Recession Forecasting Model Is Broken- WSJ Of course the U.S. could slip into a recession. But with the economy...

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Africa Now
July 4, 2022
Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 27, 2022)

Welcome to Africa Now, your weekly newsletter for Africa, presenting the most important developments in the continent - news...

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Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
July 4, 2022
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16-30 June 2022

DEFENCE Joint Military Exercise “Ex SAMPRITI-X” concludes. Extension of entry age: Agnipath Scheme. Agnipath – Raksha...

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International Development
July 3, 2021
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, Europe and Russia), 16-30 June 2021

I. UNITED STATES Politics and Society Biden, Putin say progress made in Geneva but gulfs on issues remain, 16 June 2021...

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VIF Cyber Review
June 10, 2022
VIF Cyber Review: May 2022

NATIONAL CERT-In issued advisory on Mobile-based Malware On 30 May 2022, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)...

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Myanmar Round Up
June 16, 2022
Myanmar Round-Up: May 2022

The country is reeling under political and economic crisis. The military initiated peace talks during the month in its...

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West Asia Round Up
May 9, 2022
West Asia and North Africa Roundup: April 2022

Abstract: The region continued to face the pressures of the Russia -Ukraine conflict while trying to help in alleviating...

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