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India`s Chief of Defence Staff: Some Issues to be Resolved
Government of India has created the institution of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) as a single point adviser to Raksha Mantri (RM) on all matters concerning the Defence Services of the country and as Secretary of a newly created Department of Military Affairs (DMA). A formal announcement to that effect has been made on 24th December, 2019 and the outgoing Chief of Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat appointed the first CDS with effect from 30th December, 2019 until further orders.
Trump and Iran: Who Lost More?
The media as well as some scholars refer to “Iran-U.S. confrontation” giving the wrong impression that both sides are equally responsible for the genesis of the current crisis in their relations, a crisis that brought the world to the brink of disaster. President Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal in 2018 and caused the present crisis.
Sabrimala Issue and the Law
All eyes are on the pronouncement of the nine-judge Bench of the Supreme Court on the Sabarimala issue. The matter is to be heard soon and it is likely that the court will engage itself with the case in a manner that the dispute ends at the earliest. The twist is that the apex court, instead of considering the review petition filed against its earlier order of granting entry to women of all age groups in the Sabarimala temple in Kerala, will rule on the seven major issues which a five-judge Bench had earlier referred to the larger Bench.
West Asia Roundup - December 2019
Year 2019, in keeping with the ongoing trend of conflicts and hotspots in the region, ended in heightening tensions between US and Iran which does not portend well for 2020. Iraq has been facing series of demonstrations and consequent killing of innocent and disgruntled people by security forces.
IBGs – Need To Survive To Fight Another Day
Premise It was reported in Nov 2019, that after having tested the Integrated Battle Group (IBG) concept (explained later) both in the Western, as well as, the Eastern theatre, the Indian Army will be operationalising the IBGs in the field force sometime in early 20201.
Trends in Central Asia in 2019
In 2019, a major highlight of political trends in Central Asia was the steady development of intraregional relations, driven primarily by Uzbek President Shawkat Mirziyoyev’s neighbourhood-first initiative. There were several other socio-economic and political developments in Central Asian Republics (CARs). Some of the most important were the power transition in Kazakhstan and the building political turmoil in Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan struggled to curb radical elements coming from Afghanistan, bolster its declining economy and curtail anti-Chinese sentiments.
2019 में विश्व परमाणु व्यवस्था: समीक्षा
वर्ष 2019 के दौरान विश्व परमाणु व्यवस्था में दो महत्वपूर्ण रुझान दिखे हैं - परमाणु अस्त्रों का प्रयोग टालने के वातावरण में अस्थिरता और परमाणु शक्ति संपन्न और उससे रहित देशों के बीच परमाणु अस्त्रों में कटौती की रफ्तार पर बढ़ता तनाव। बुलेटिन ऑफ एटॉमिक साइंटिस्ट्स के अनुसार बीते वर्ष “वैश्विक सुरक्षा स्थिति” में “नई असमान्यता” देखी गई क्योंकि अमेरिका “अधिक सुरक्षित एवं सेहतमंद ग्रह की ओर ले जाने वाले वैश्विक समझौतों को तैयार करने एवं उनका समर्थन में नेतृत्वकारी भूमिका” को त्यागता दिखा, जो खतरनाक बात है। विशेष रूप से परमाणु अप्रसार की व्यवस्था को बढ़ावा देने के वॉशिंगटन के संकल्प पर निगाहें टिक गई ह
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
February 11, 2020
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16 January - 31 January 2020

Defence: Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh flags off 51st K9 VAJRA-T Gun from L&T Armoured System Complex in Gujarat...

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International Development
February 19, 2020
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US) 01-15 Feb 2020

Bernie Sanders Scores Narrow Victory in New Hampshire Primary 11 Feb 2020 Senator Bernie Sanders narrowly won the New...

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Neighbourhood News
February 20, 2020
VIF Neighborhood News Digest: February 20, 2020

PAKISTAN Number of suspects seeking relief in graft cases jumps to 100: Dawn February 20, 2020 In less than 60 days, the...

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