Energy: A New Dimension in India-Nepal Relations

Nepal’s Energy Export to India
Recently, the Nepal Electricity Authority said in a statement that in the last four months, Nepal exported electricity worth US$ 56 million to India, estimated to reach the US $ 234 million in December 202....

China: Daily Scan, September 21, 2022

Wang Yang meets new leadership of China Islamic Association: Xinhuanet
September 20, 2022
Senior Chinese leader Wang Yang Tuesday met with members of the newly-elected leadership of the China Islamic Association. Wang, a member ....

Monthly Compilation of Views of VIF Expert Groups: August 2022

In the month of August 2022 Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organized a total of seven expert group, think tank, round table and eminent person interactions with most of them being hybrid but with increasing in person attendance. The month....

VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 1-15 August 2022


West Asia Round up-July 2022

After 19 months into his Presidency the US Administration decided that President Joe Biden embark on a ‘mending fences’ visit to West Asia including Israel, Palestine and Saudi Arabia to interact bilaterally and regionally ....

China: Daily Scan, August 05, 2022

China's non-CPC political parties make joint statement on Pelosi visit: Xinhuanet
August 4, 2022
China's eight non-Communist Party of China (CPC) political parties on Thursday released a joint statement expressing their strong o....

Ayman al-Zawahiri is Dead: The Ending of a Chapter of al-Qa’ida’s Founding Fathers!

On 02 August 2022, United States (US)’ President Joe Biden made a public announcement about a successful counter-terrorism operation carried out by the US forces in Kabul, Afghanistan. On 30 July 2022, on command of US President Biden, the Central ....

China: Daily Scan, August 03, 2022

China to improve sci-tech services for rural population: Xinhuanet
August 2, 2022
China will launch a national campaign to better mobilize the science and technology sector to contribute to the country's rural revitalization dri....

VIF- The Heritage Foundation Roundtable Discussion on 7 July 2022

The VIF in collaboration with the Heritage Foundation, USA, organized a virtual roundtable discussion on the ‘Geopolitical and Economic Implications of the Ukraine Crisis for India’ and the US on 7 July 2022. The opening remarks were delivered by....

The I2 U2: A Matrix of Some Consequence

On July 14 , while President Biden was in Israel on the first leg of his much discussed desert Safari ending in Jeddah conferring with the regional leaders to strengthen the Abrahamic security bridges, he virtually hosted a summit of his counterpart....

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