Neighborhood News Digest- 10 June 2024

Regional Contact Group Meeting on Afghanistan Held-Tolo News
The second round of the Regional Contact Group meeting on Afghanistan was held on Saturday in Tehran with the participation of special representatives fr....

Neighbourhood News Digest – 05 June 2024

UN Security Council to Meet on Afghanistan in June – Tolo News
The United Nations Security Council is set to meet on the situation in Afghanistan later this month. Although the exact date of this meeting has not ....

Neighborhood News Digest- 31 May 2024

Business Tax in Afghanistan Reduced to 0.3%-Tolo News
Some senior officials of the Islamic Emirate announced today (Thursday) in the "exemption and reduction of the fixed tax" meeting that the leader of the Islamic....

Neighborhood News Digest- 27 May 2024

Afghanistan 6th Most Vulnerable Country to Climate Change: UNDP-Tolo News
The representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Stephen Rodriques, said that although Afghanistan does not contribute....

Neighborhood News Digest - 21 May 2024

Islamic Emirate: We Stand with the Govt and People of Iran-Tolo News
The Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate has expressed Afghanistan's solidarity with the people and government of Iran in response to the death ....

Neighborhood News Digest- 20 May 2024

Baradar: Baghlan Flood Disaster 'Severe,' Requires Immediate Aid-Tolo News
Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, deputy prime minister for economic affairs, described the flood disaster in Baghlan (including casualties and d....

Neighborhood News Digest- 17 May 2024

"Taliban No Enemy" | Russia, China Warn US-NATO Over Afghanistan Plans, Putin Slams AUKUS in Xi Meet – News18
Russia and China have warned the US against setting up military infrastructure in Afghanistan on Vladi....

Neighborhood News Digest- 13 May 2024

Death Toll from Baghlan Floods Rises to 154, Hundreds Injured-Tolo News
The number of fatalities from the recent floods in Baghlan has risen to 154. Local authorities in the region have reported that the catastroph....

Neighborhood News Digest- 10 May 2024

Mawlawi Kabir: If We Had Means, No Foreign Drones Would Patrol Airspace-Tolo News
Mawlawi Abdul Kabir, the political deputy of the Prime Minister's Office, at a public meeting in Panjshir said that American drones ....

Neighborhood News Digest- 09 May 2024

Uzbek foreign minister emphasizes acceleration of ‘Trans-Afghanistan’ project-The Khaama Press
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has announced that the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of th....

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