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भारत-भूटान संबंधों के बदलते आयाम
भूटान महत्वपूर्ण पड़ोसी है और भारत के नए विदेश मंत्री एस जयशंकर ने पहले द्विपक्षीय दौरे पर दो दिन (7-8 जून) की यात्रा के लिए भूटान को ही चुना। इस यात्रा से दोनों देशों के बीच नियमित यात्राओं तथा सर्वोच्च स्तर पर विचारों के आदान-प्रदान की परंपरा आगे बढ़ी। अपने पिछले कार्यकाल में प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी पड़ोसी प्रथम यानी ‘नेबरहुड फर्स्ट’ की नीति लाए थे और उन्होंने भी 2014 में अपनी पहली विदेश यात्रा के लिए भूटान को ही चुना था। 2018 में भूटान के नवनिर्वाचित प्रधानमंत्री डॉ. लोते शेरिंग ने भी मोदी की तर्ज पर ही अपनी पहली विदेश यात्रा के लिए भारत को चुना।
Recurring Clashes on Tajik-Kyrgyz Border over Raising of National Flags
On 22 July 2019, the border authorities of Tajikistan informed that a skirmish took place on the border with Kyrgyzstan which resulted in killing of one local resident and several others wounded. According to the Tajik media, this violent conflict is a provocation just before the meeting of the two Presidents in Isfara, Tajikistan, for bridge-building on the conflict-prone border crossing between the two countries sharing the Ferghana Valley. The recent incident has highlighted the failure of both governments to ensure a peaceful solution to the border disputes.
No Change in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Assertive Policies Despite Pressure
Since more than the past 18 months Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been under increasing pressure because of the US-China Tariff war. Washington has also been trying to create an adverse international environment for China as evidenced by the push-back against the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – a major initiative personally backed by Xi Jinping – and efforts by the China’s Huawei to unroll 5G its network in Europe and elsewhere.
How Nepal is Negotiating its Federalist Contract between the Citizen and the State
After weeks of large-scale protests, in the last week of June the federal government of Nepal withdrew a controversial bill that would have allowed it greater control of the country’s numerous temple trusts called guthis1. But while this step towards course correction helped calm the streets for the time being - local newspapers compared the demonstrations to the 2006 Democratic Movement that compelled the monarchy to reinstate parliament - the government still has to deal with a slew of other legislative troubles at hand.
Kargil War : Recollections
The Kargil war was fought from May through till 26 July 1999 across a trans-Himalayan front of about 150 km at dizzying heights of up to 18000 feet in what was the most inhospitable and unlikely battleground in history. The relatively rapid expulsion of the Pakistani forces from these areas which had been occupied by them through deception and stealth in early 1999 constituted a major military success for India. The credit for this goes largely to our soldiers - both officers and men.
Lead Role of JK Police, Synergy in Anti-Terrorist Operations
The security situation in the Kashmir region has been spiraling downward since 2008. This is essentially because Pakistan-backed separatists have devised a new strategy to sustain the unrest.
मोदी का दूसरा कार्यकाल: ‘नेबरहुड फर्स्ट’ पर अमल
भारत के आम चुनावों पर अन्य लोगों के साथ ही पड़ोसियों का भी भरपूर ध्यान रहा। कई को चुनावी कवायद के इतने बड़े स्तर से अचरज तो हुआ, लेकिन उनका ज्यादा ध्यान इस बात पर लगा था कि भारत के साथ उनके द्विपक्षीय संबंधों पर चुनाव का क्या असर होगा। राष्ट्रीय जनतांत्रिक गठबंधन (राजग) की जबरदस्त जीत पर जब पड़ोसी देशों से बधाई संदेश आए तो पता चला कि भारत के साथ काम करने में उनकी कितनी रुचि है और इस देश से उन्हें कितनी ज्यादा उम्मीद है।
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