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Impact of Attack on Saudi Aramco Facilities on India
The Scenario On 14 September 2019, an attack by drones was launched on the Saudi Aramco oil pro-cessing facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais in Eastern Saudi Arabia. The Houthi movement in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack. The attack, it was believed, was in response to the Saudi intervention in the ongoing civil war in Yemen.
China’s Xiaokang (well-off) Border Defence Villages in the Tibet Autonomous Region
Since the 19th Party Congress in October 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping has signalled that extra attention would be paid by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership to building a more comprehensive security structure in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR). The new architecture strengthens the present security apparatus already in place and combines it with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s new initiative of model ‘xiaokang’ (well-off) border defence villages. It is part of his nationwide push for poverty alleviation spelt out at the 19th Party Congress.
Way Forward in India-China Relations after the Amendment of Article 370
News has emerged that the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will not be visiting India on the 22nd of this month as had previously been scheduled. The request for the change of dates has ostensibly been made by the Indian side. Wang Yi is the Chinese special representative for negotiating the resolution of India-China border dispute, which has been pending since the 1950s. National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, handles the border talks for India. Prior to the rescheduling of Wang Yi’s trip to Delhi, India’s northern army commander, Lt.
इमरान खान की यात्रा के बाद अमेरिका-पाकिस्तान संबंध
मीडिया की गहमागहमी और घर में मिली सराहना को किनारे रख दें तो इमरान खान की अमेरिका यात्रा से पाकिस्तान की बुनियादी चुनौतियां बिल्कुल नहीं बदली हैं; उसका ख़ज़ाना ख़स्ता ही है और अर्थव्यवस्था अब भी ठहरी हुई है, देश अब तक संयुक्त राष्ट्र फाइनेंशियल एक्शन टास्क फोर्स (एफएटीएफ) की ग्रे सूची में है और समाज पर सेना का दबदबा - और उसकी वजह से आई कमज़ोरी - बदस्तूर कायम है।
Drone Attack on the Saudi Installation and Tensions in the Gulf
The attack on Saudi oil field in Khurais and refinery in Abqaiq on Sunday has knocked out 5.7 million barrel per day of oil supplies. This is half of Saudi daily oil production; it amounts to 5 percent of global oil supply. There have been attacks on the shipping and oil pipe-lines in the recent past in the Gulf. But in terms of scale, this is vastly different. This has the potential of triggering a major conflagration.
To the Moon and Beyond: Time for India to Strengthen its ‘Space’ Muscles
Lunar exploration missions date back to the very beginning of space exploration itself. In over a year’s time following Sputnik, the advances in aerospace technologies were made to enable forays into our closest neighbour in outer space. The desire to out-compete each other drove the two super powers of that era to devise lunar expeditions then not so much to discover anything new about the Moon, but to impress the world of their technological prowess. While the United States, in shock after Sputnik, pledged to place human on the Moon, the (then) USSR concentrated on unmanned lunar craft.
China-Taiwan Conundrum
Chinese approach towards Taiwan has becoming increasingly assertive since Tsai Ing-wen became the President of Taiwan in 2016. Her position on not accepting the 1992 consensus has not gone down well with Beijing. She has adopted a very ‘independent foreign policy’ for Taiwan and this has further complicated the relationship with Beijing.
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