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Pakistan: Worsening Economic Condition
Pakistan was already going through an economic slowdown when the COVID outbreak took place. It had received the US $ 6 billion of assistance from the IMF under Extended Fund Facility last year. The money came with conditions. The IMF policy of inflation targeting led to fiscal and monetary contraction.
Notes from the Sub-continent – May 2020
In this latest compilation of some of the big ideas being debated in the media across the Indian sub-continent, we start with Bangladesh, where the people had to deal with a super cyclone even as they struggled to cope with the novel coronavirus pandemic. Generally speaking, Bangladesh has an excellent record with disaster management of this sort but even then managing two crises simultaneously was a challenge. In Sri Lanka, we get a sneak peek into a fascinating ‘glocal’ conversation about the power of social media and the impact that it has on democratic processes.
Synthesizing Indigenisation: Civil- Defence Aviation Partnership towards Self Reliance
On 16 May 2020, the Ministry of Finance announced the fourth tranche of Centre's ₹20 lakh crore fiscal stimulus1 for India. Unlike previous declarations which had addressed the needs of agriculture sector, urban poor, MSME, etc this session was dedicated to eight new sectors which included Defence Production and Civil Aviation. The Finance Minister stated an ambitious plan to make India a global hub for Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO), with the convergence of Defence and Civil aviation requirements2.
Myanmar Round Up: May 2020
The COVID-19 has impacted the socio-economic and political functioning of Myanmar. The month has been marked by the limited and insufficient response from the side of Government, leading to health and economic crises. Despite declaring a unilateral ceasefire, Tatmadaw intensified conflict against the Arakan Army (AA) as it strategically excluded the AA from the same. The AA has along with the Brotherhood Alliance extended the ceasefire till 31 May and therefore refrained from carrying out operations.
India-China Standoff along the LAC: Challenges and Opportunities
On 16 April 2013, ITBP discovered a new Chinese six tent position near Raki Nullah in the Sub Sector North of Eastern Ladakh. On 18 April, when the Indian Army asked PLA to withdraw to its original positions, the PLA produced a map which was part of the annexure to a letter written by Zhou (Premier Chou en Lai) to (PM) Nehru, to buttress its case... an indicator that the PLA had come prepared. As the laid down protocol of military disengagement did not succeed, a face-off began, that lasted almost three weeks, five high decibel border flag meetings.
India’s Medicine Diplomacy
“Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” (World is one family) has been a key ingredient of India’s outreach to the world from time immemorial. It has also acquired a greater salience in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. The whole world is suffering and is frankly in the guessing game as to how to contend with this unprecedented expanse of a virus that has taken the toll of the human patience and perseverance. It has also challenged the hypothesis that the Government is for the people as most countries have failed to provide the requisite healthcare for their people.
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