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A Befitting State Funeral for Abe but Fresh Challenges Confront Kishida
September 27, 2022 marked an important day in Japan’s history as Japan organised a state funeral to the slain former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo at the Nippon Budokan in central Tokyo. It may be recalled that Japan’s longest-servicing leader in post-war Japan was assassinated by 42-year old Tetsuya Yamagami with scrappy hand-made gun during a campaign on 8 July in Nara. It transpired soon that Yamagami was perturbed with Abe’s perceived involvement with the Unification Church. Yamagami believed that his mother made a donation of over 100 million yen driving him into penury.
The Russia-Ukraine War 2022: A Point of No Return?
On 24 February 2022, President Vladimir Putin announced ‘special military operation,’ the beginning of land, sea, and air offensive against Ukraine. The Western Pundits had forecast that the war under the onslaught of Russian famed military and technological prowess will be short, swift and lethal, forcing Ukraine to capitulate even in 48 hours! The war is a messy one, and its outcome, irrespective of the force asymmetry, cannot be guaranteed.
Russia Africa Relations
In this episode of VIF podcast, Steven Gruzd from the South African Institute of International Affairs discusses with Samir Bhattacharya, Research Associate at the Vivekananda International Foundation on the current contours of Russia-Africa relations, tracing the past experiences, new expectations and perceptions. There is a strong historical connection between Russia and Africa throughout the Cold War, when these two continents came close for the first time. Despite the temporary rupture in the relations, Russia seems to be back in the continent, particularly since the 2019 Sochi summit.
Energy: A New Dimension in India-Nepal Relations
Nepal’s Energy Export to India
Recently, the Nepal Electricity Authority said in a statement that in the last four months, Nepal exported electricity worth US$ 56 million to India, estimated to reach the US $ 234 million in December 2022.
PM Modi’s Visit to Samarkand
Prime Minister Modi visited Samarkand to take part in the 22nd Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation on 15-16th September 2022. He also had bilateral meetings with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev President Putin of Russia, President Ebrahim Raisi of Iran, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey. The meeting came against the background of the continuing war in Ukraine and tensions in the Taiwan Strait.
प्रधानमंत्री शेख हसीना की भारत यात्रा
सितंबर 2022 में बांग्लादेश प्रधानमंत्री शेख हसीना की भारत की राजकीय यात्रा इस क्षेत्र से भारत के सबसे महत्वपूर्ण संबंधों में से एक को प्रतिबिंबित करती है।
Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Border Clash: An Analysis
On September 14, border guards from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan exchanged fire at a disputed border section. The violent confrontation escalated and lasted for two days, with drones, tanks, aircraft, and exchange of rocket fire. In the bloodiest violence in years, at least 94 people were killed, and more than 100 were injured. Around 137,000 people have been evacuated from the disputed section of the border in Kyrgyzstan’s Batken and Osh regions due to the violence.
VIF News Digests
China Daily Digest
October 3, 2022
China: Daily Scan, October 3, 2022

Former court official in China's Inner Mongolia expelled from CPC: Xinhuanet September 30, 2022 Hu Yifeng, former president...

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Neighbourhood News
October 3, 2022
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: October 03, 2022

Afghanistan Students in Herat, Bamyan Hold Protests, Demand Rights: Tolo News Dozens of students in the western province of...

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Global Developments And Analysis: Weekly Monitor
September 29, 2022
Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor, 19 September - 25 September 2022

Economic WTO chief expects downside revisions in global trade forecast The head of the World Trade Organization told Reuters...

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Africa Now
October 3, 2022
Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 40, 2022)

Welcome to Africa Now, your weekly newsletter for Africa, presenting the most important developments in the continent - news...

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Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
September 21, 2022
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 01-15 September 2022

DEFENCE Indian Army Contingent Participates in Exercise Vostok- 2022. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi commissions India’...

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International Development
July 3, 2021
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, Europe and Russia), 16-30 June 2021

I. UNITED STATES Politics and Society Biden, Putin say progress made in Geneva but gulfs on issues remain, 16 June 2021...

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VIF Cyber Review
September 15, 2022
VIF Cyber Review: August 2022

National Telecom equipment manufacturers respond enthusiastically to the design-led incentive programme Indian Prime...

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Myanmar Round Up
September 16, 2022
Myanmar Round-Up: August 2022

In a dismal turn of events, Myanmar’s military chief, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing extended the state of emergency by...

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West Asia Round Up
September 19, 2022
West Asia Roundup: August 2022

Abstract: Suffering from fury of floods and failings of the economy and fast depleting forex reserves, Islamabad once again...

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