Multilateralism Digest: May 2024-Issue 5
Dr Arpita Anant, Research Fellow, VIF

I. India in the UN

  1. Indian inputs for a substantial Summit of the Future
  2. India contributes to CTTF
  3. India chairs Committee A of WHA

II. Plurilateral Developments

  1. G20’s Bioeconomy initiative takes off
  2. G20 moves on hunger and poverty
  3. 3rd Research and Innovation Group Meeting of G20 held
  4. BRICS meet on Tuberculosis
  5. First ever meeting of BRICS customs officials held
  6. BRICS Space Agencies meet
  7. Review of ASEAN-India Trade in Goods Agreement progresses
  8. BIMSTEC charting its future course
  9. SCO Foreign Ministers’ Council meeting held

III. Multilateral Institutions

  1. WTO-ADB MoU
  2. IMF-WBG collaboration to facilitate climate action
  3. IMF to channel SDRs to multilateral development banks

IV. Peace and Security

  1. Major Radhika Sen get peacekeeping award
  2. UNOCT holds 3rd Parliamentary Policy Dialogue

V. Miscellaneous

  1. UNFCCC Supervisory Body adopts historic protections

I. India in the UN

Indian inputs for a substantial Summit of the Future

Participating in meetings related to the Summit of the Future (SOTF), India’s PR Ruchira Kamboj was highly critical of the lack of ambition in the draft inputs of the Intergovernmental Negotiations regarding reform of the UN Security Council that are to be forwarded to the SOTF for approval at the Summit. She emphasised that any affirmation of climate commitments in the Pact of the Future must be accompanied by affirmations on climate finance as well. She suggested that there be a review mechanism to evaluate the implementation of the Pact of the Future that would turbo-charge Agenda 2030. Click here to read…

India contributes to CTTF

On 7 May 2024, India handed over its contribution of US$ 500,000 towards the Counter Terrorism Trust Fund (CTTF) to Mr. Valdimir Voronkov, Under Secretary General, United Nations Office of Counter Terrorism (UNOCT). India’s contribution will support UNOCT’s global programs – mainly Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT) and Countering Terrorist Travel Programme (CTTP). They are aimed at building capacities of the Members States of Eastern and Southern Africa to combat the critical issues of financing of terrorism and prevent the movement and travel of terrorists. With its current contribution, India's cumulative financial support to the UN Counter-Terrorism Trust Fund (CTTF) now stands at $2.55 million. Click here to read…

India chairs Committee ‘A’ of WHA

At the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) of WHO members, Apurva Chandra, Union Health Secretary was appointed Chair of Committee A which discusses various programmatic topics covering Universal Health Coverage, Public Health Emergency preparedness and response, antimicrobial resistance, climate change, sustainable financing for WHO etc. The Union Health Secretary started his address by highlighting the alignment of the World Health Assembly’s theme this year – “All for Health, Health for All”, with the core values and the ethos of India, that is “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which means “the world is one family”. Click here to read…

II. Plurilateral Developments

G20’s Bioeconomy initiative takes off

G20 Bioeconomy Initiative was launched on 7 May 2024. Its second meeting held from 7-9 May 2024 discussed the role of science, technology, research, innovation and traditional knowledge to bioeconomy. Another crucial topic was overcoming the false opposition that has been established between bioenergy, food and food security. Click here to read…

G20 moves on hunger and poverty

During a G20 Social meeting on 20 May 2024, civil society leaders involved in projects like the solidarity kitchen contributed their practical day-to-day experience to the creation of the terms of the G20 Global Alliance against Hunger and Poverty. This was followed by the third meeting of the Task Force to Fight Hunger and Poverty on 24 May 2024 where the founding documents of the Brazilian presidency's proposal were finalized. There was a convergence on the terms of reference, governance frameworks, and commitment statements by the countries to create the Alliance. About 50 delegation members present at the meeting participated in its finalisation. A financial screening will be carried out by technicians and authorities from the Finance Track, ensuring that adaptations are made to suit each country’s rules and legislation. Click here to read…

3rd Research and Innovation Group Meeting of G20 held

The third Research and Innovation Working Group (WG) meeting of the forum was attended by international G20 delegates, researchers, media professionals, diplomats, and government officials at the federal, state, and municipal levels. It underscored the imperative of addressing global challenges through the lens of development rights, particularly focusing on enhancing access and leadership opportunities for girls and women in STEM. Click here to read…

BRICS meet on Tuberculosis

The BRICS Tuberculosis Research Network held its 15th meeting in Moscow on 23–25 April 2024 as part of Russia’s BRICS Chairship. The meeting was held as part of the All-Russian Research and Training Conference with International Participation ‘Tuberculosis and Socially Significant Infections: Challenges and Solutions in the Post-COVID Period’. The meeting addressed key scientific research in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of tuberculosis, including multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, as well as other areas of cooperation that require more intensive research. Click here to read…

First ever meeting of BRICS customs officials held

A working group of BRICS customs services on matters concerning authorized economic operators (AEOs) in BRICS countries held its first meeting on 13 May 2024.The recognition of AEO institutions within BRICS is one of the most promising areas of cooperation among customs services and aims to develop mechanisms to simplify and accelerate international trade. Work on this project began in 2023 during South Africa’s BRICS Chairship. During the year of Russia’s BRICS Chairship, member countries will look to approve a joint action plan for the validation of the AEOs of BRICS countries, as well as prepare and sign a draft agreement on the mutual recognition of AEO institutions between BRICS countries. Click here to read…

BRICS Space Agencies meet

Moscow hosted a meeting of the Heads of BRICS Space Agencies on 23 May 2024. In addition to man-made objects, BRICS countries also plan to exchange data on natural processes in space, such as solar activity, galactic radiation, and the trajectory of dangerous asteroids and other space objects. The system would be open to any participant, regardless of their expertise, technical capabilities, goals, and the terms of cooperation. During the meeting, the participants considered a draft joint statement by the Heads of BRICS Space Agencies calling on the global community to make every effort to prevent any type of weapons from being deployed in space and to refrain from any activities that could risk damage to the space environment and the long-term sustainability of space activities, including the use of civilian space infrastructure for undeclared purposes. Click here to read…

Review of ASEAN-India Trade in Goods Agreement progresses

The 4th Joint Committee meeting for the review of AITIGA (ASEAN-India Trade in Goods Agreement) was held in Putrajaya, Malaysia from 7-9 May 2024. A total of 8 Sub-Committees have been constituted for dealing with different policy areas of the Agreement in the review and out of these, 5 Sub-Committees have started their discussions. All the 5 Sub-Committee reported the outcomes of their discussions to the 4th AITIGA Joint Committee. Click here to read…

BIMSTEC charting its future course

The 3rd Meeting of the Eminent Persons’ Group (EPG) on Future Directions of BIMSTEC was held, on 12-13 May 2024, at the BIMSTEC Secretariat in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During the two-day long Meeting, the EPG engaged in discussions on Bangkok Vision 2030; alignment of the BIMSTEC’s Agenda with the Agenda 2030 of Sustainable Development Goals; and the current status of regional cooperation within BIMSTEC in Sectors such as agriculture and food security, people-to-people contact and connectivity. Click here to read…

SCO Foreign Ministers’ Council meeting held

On 20-21 May 2024, Kazakhstan hosted a regular meeting of the SCO Foreign Ministers Council. The main item on the agenda of the Foreign Ministers Council meeting was the content of and comprehensive preparations for the upcoming SCO Astana summit (3-4 July 2024). The participants approved a list of subjects and documents to be submitted to the leaders for consideration, including the draft Astana Declaration by the leaders of the SCO member states, SCO Initiatives on World Unity for Just Peace and Harmony, a draft roadmap for developing interaction with SCO dialogue partners, and a number of other documents. Click here to read…

III. Multilateral Institutions


The WTO Secretariat and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 1 May 2024 aimed at bolstering collaborative efforts to drive inclusive and sustainable development through trade and economic integration, including in Asia and the Pacific region. The MoU was signed ahead of ADB’s Annual Meeting to be held on 2-5 May 2024. Click here to read…

IMF-WBG collaboration to facilitate climate action

On 31 May 2024, the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) adopted an enhanced framework to deepen their cooperation to help countries scale up action to confront the threat of climate change. The collaboration will provide critical support for countries’ climate strategies through an integrated, country-led approach to policy reforms and climate investments. The enhanced framework will build on lessons learned since the release of the institutions’ Joint Statement on Enhancing IMF-World Bank Collaboration in September 2023. Click here to read…

IMF to channel SDRs to multilateral development banks

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) authorised on 10 May 2024 the use of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) by IMF members for the acquisition of hybrid capital instruments issued by prescribed holders (official entities approved by the IMF to hold SDRs). This means that participants in the SDR Department will be able to channel SDRs to multilateral development banks (MDBs) by acquiring hybrid capital instruments issued by these banks. This will increase the availability of finance for sustainable development in developing countries. Click here to read…

IV. Peace and Security

Major Radhika Sen get peacekeeping award

At the Dag Hammarskjöld Medals Ceremony held on 31 May 2024 in New York, the Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award was given to Major Radhika Sen of India. Major Radhika Sen of India served with the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since March 2023. As commander of the Indian contingent’s engagement platoon, she led her unit on countless patrols. During these patrols, in an escalating conflict environment in North Kivu, her troops actively engaged with conflict-affected communities, including particularly women and girls. Click here to read…

UNOCT holds 3rd Parliamentary Policy Dialogue

The Third Parliamentary Policy Dialogue on the theme “Protecting Religious Sites, Symbols and Objects against Terrorist Threats” was held in Türkiye. It was co-organized by the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) through its Programme Office on Parliamentary Engagement in Preventing and Countering Terrorism and the Global Programme on Countering Terrorist Threats against Vulnerable Targets. This hybrid meeting gathered around 80 in-person and 30 online representatives of Parliamentary Assemblies, National Parliaments from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, as well as the United Nations Global Network of Experts on Vulnerable Targets Protection. Click here to read…

V. Miscellaneous

UNFCCC Supervisory Body adopts historic protections

The Supervisory Body of the mechanism established by Article 6, paragraph 4, of the Paris Agreement (Article 6.4 mechanism) met from 29 April- 2 May 2024. It adopted the Appeals and Grievances Procedure which will allow people affected by activities under the mechanism to appeal decisions or file a grievance. This is a crucial step towards developing a new international carbon market that sets the benchmark for high integrity carbon credits. Click here to read…

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