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A Diplomatic View Of the MMRCA Deal
India’s tender for 126 Medium Range Multi-role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) has been the object of intensive and prolonged international interest. Such a massive order for advanced aircraft by a single country for procurement from the international market is rare. All the major defence equipment exporters in the world have been eyeing this $10 billion contract avidly, with US, Russia, France, Sweden and the European consortium of Germany, UK, Italy and Spain in the fray.
Dialectics of Ceasefires with Insurgents in the North East
Ceasefire with an insurgent outfit is expected to adopt a progression of steps which would lead to a comprehensive resolution of conflict. Indeed, the path, which a peace process normally takes after a ceasefire is entered into, is expected to be less cumbersome than the one that precedes a ceasefire. Whereas the dynamics that could witness the pre-ceasefire stage could be a long-drawn-out process, with protracted in camera confabulations, engagement of intermediaries etc, a properly managed post-ceasefire situation should ideally result in early resolution.
Indian Mujahedeen and Islamist Agenda in the North East
For some reason or the other, the three blasts that rocked Mumbai recently are being largely attributed to a group that is being termed as Indian Mujahedeen. However, at the time of writing, investigators are also reportedly looking into the possibility of the involvement of senior Lashkar-e-Toiba operatives Faiyaz Kagzi and Zabiuddin Ansari. Kagzi was allegedly instrumental in carrying out the 11/7 serial train blasts, after which his real association with Lashkar began.
Our transforming relationship with the United States presents major opportunities as well as snares. The increasing attention we receive from the US recognizes as well as contributes to our growing international stature. If the US re-evaluates the potential of its relationship with India, others are spurred to do so in their own interest. If the allies and friends of the US are influenced to follow the US lead, those wary of a fortified India-US relationship because of their own differences with the US have good reason to engage India more.
Resurgence in NE Insurgency
Even as there were signs that there has been some improvement in the insurgency situation in the North East, with the level of violence declining and some insurgent groups showing signs of battle-fatigue, a sudden resurgence of insurgency in the region is turning out to be a cause of concern. Indeed, even the Indian home minister who had earlier expressed optimism about the security scenario in the North East had to admit during a press briefing on 6 July 2011 that the level of violence in the region has gone up.
The National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme
There are two lines of thought which are diametrically opposite, in the matter of how to tackle rural poverty. The western capitalist and the Chinese and Soviet Socialist view of this problem has been that farming should be treated almost as an industry, the surplus rural population should be encouraged to migrate to urban areas and nonagricultural employment should be increased in order to absorb the surplus rural population. This would call for a major demographic shift from village to town till the majority of the population becomes urban dwelling.
What is “Strategic” about Promoting Pvt Firms?
The second round of the India-US strategic dialogue has not produced anything especially noteworthy. The bilateral agenda is “transformational” in scope, as it seeks to overcome the hurdles and inhibitions of the past, and has spawned 21 Dialogues and Working Groups on diverse subjects. Progress, however, depends not on the wishes of one side, but on the capacity of the two sides to establish a mutually beneficial basis of engagement.
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