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Japanese Prime Minister’s State Visit To India
The state visit to India of Japanese Prime Minister Noda for the annual Prime Ministerial Summit on December 27-28, 2011 has placed India-Japan ties on a firm upward spiral. Following the dip in relations as a result of adverse Japanese reactions to our nuclear tests in 1998 there has in the last decade been a steady improvement in links.
Forty Years of Bangladesh Liberation: Quite Young
Bangladesh has celebrated its forty years of liberation from Pakistan on 16 December2011. Anniversaries are very important in personal as well as collective life because it provides an opportunity to think about the time gone by and an opportunity to set new aspirations for the coming time. This becomes particularly important in the life of a nation state where 40 are considered quite young and has to go a long way. The Bangladesh government has begun planning to set an agenda of a “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021 the year when it will be celebrating 50th anniversary.
Pursue an Activist Policy, Reaching out to All Players
The US intent to draw down its forces from Afghanistan beginning July 2011 has been articulated on several occasions since President Barack Obama’s address at West Point on 1 December 2009. In this address he had justified the 30,000 US troop surge in Afghanistan, scheduled for the first half of 2010, on the grounds that it would allow the US to “begin the transfer” of its forces “out of Afghanistan in July of 2011”. He also dwelt upon the importance of capacity building in Afghanistan in order to enable a “responsible transition of US forces” out of the country.
Equipping India’s Defence Forces – Need for Transformational Shift
That a country, which has successfully accomplished a lunar mission and emerged as a global software and IT hub but continues to meet around 70 percent of its defence requirements through imports can hardly lay claim to the status of a military power of global standing. The very fact that India is today the world’s largest arms importer calls for a serious rethink of India’s arms production and defence acquisition strategy.
Give Foreign Policy More Coherence in 2012
The challenges facing Indian diplomacy do not change from one calendar year to the next. The opportunities and problems of 2011 will spill over into 2012 as they are not defined by calendar years. The end of the year provides, nonetheless, an occasion to reflect on some general and specific issues of our foreign policy.
What is The CBI?
So much controversy has been created over whether the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) should be under the Lokpal or not that it is time to reflect on what the CBI is. Under the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution, List 1, Entry 8 Parliament is competent to legislate on the creation, constitution and structure and working methodology of the Central Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence Bureau. Surprisingly neither agency has been brought under any form of legislation under this provision of the Constitution.
Is Our Secularism Only Skin Deep?
“By his Constitutions of Clarendon he (Henry II Plantagenet) sought to fix the relationship of Church and State and to force the Church in its temporal character to submit itself to life and law of the nation.” (A History of the English speaking people Volume I – Sir Winston Churchill) “We the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic” (The Preamble to the Constitution of India)
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