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Kashmir – A History of failed Interlocutors
If the Indian Home Minister is to be believed, then a solution to the Kashmir problem is at hand. Home Minister P Chidambaram told a Parliamentary Consultative Committee1 in early December 2010 that the “contours of a political solution” to the Kashmir problem should emerge over the next few months. His confidence rested on the preliminary reports submitted by a three member Kashmir interlocutor team, which has been going around Jammu & Kashmir eliciting opinions from all sections of society, including politicians, students and intellectuals.
The ‘Londonistan’ Phenomenon and UK Intelligence
Abstract This paper aims to explain how and why London came to be a hub for Pan-Islamist jihadism during the 1990s. It posits that the origins of the ‘Londonistan’ phenomenon lie in a long British tradition of using intelligence to obtain strategic benefits. The present jihadist threat to the United Kingdom (UK) is partly the result of a failed attempt by Whitehall to influence world affairs. Londonistan was the fallout of a policy of tacitly sheltering radical groups in order to enhance the UK’s global clout and advance its overseas interests.
The Prussian General Staff: Lessons for Indian Think Tankers
This essay argues that if Indian think tanks are to influence policy, they need to replicate the conditions under which policy allows itself to be shaped by expert advice. The essay uses the 19th century Prussian General Staff as a model to highlight these conditions. It focuses specifically on national security policy, since this is an area where Indian think tanks face severe challenges in advising the government.
Hardly Any Water In Wikileaks Revelations
Professional diplomats will find little that is new or startling in the Wikileaks cables. For them the quality and content of reporting in the leaked cables is quite standard fare.
China’s Defence Budget (2011-12)
Amid growing international concerns, the People’s Republic of China presented its latest defence budget on 4 March 2011, a day ahead of the opening of the Republic’s Ninth National People's Congress. The budget shows a marked increase of 12.6 percent over last year’s budget, which means that the PLA gets to spend a whopping amount of USD 91.5 billion through the current year. Announcing the defence budget, the Chinese spokesman Li Zhaoxing asserted that the increase was justified, and China posed no threat to anyone.
Nagaland: Threat to Reconciliation and Dialogue
At a time when the reconciliation process to bring the different factions in Nagaland together was gaining in ground, the announcement by NSCN (K) and NNC that their respective leaders, SS Khaplang and S Singnya would not be participating in the forthcoming highest-level summit that was expected to take the process of reconciliation to a higher plane has come as a disappointment.
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
November 4, 2019
VIF News Digest: National Security- Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16-31 October, 2019

Defence: Indo Maldives Joint Exercise EKUVERIN – 2019; Indo-French Joint Exercise Shakti-2019; Government committed to...

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International Development
December 5, 2019
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, UK, Russia and Africa), 18 November- 3 December 2019

THE UNITED STATES White House will not participate in Judiciary Committee hearing: CNN, 2 December 2019 Neither President...

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Neighbourhood News
December 10, 2019
VIF Neighborhood News Digest: December 10, 2019

PAKISTAN Imran launches app to fight graft: Dawn December 10, 2019 Urging people not to glorify corrupt elements, Prime...

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