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Plight of Hindus in Bangladesh: Some Recent Trends
All is not well with the minorities in Bangladesh, especially the Hindus. One of the major election planks of the Awami League (AL) during the last general elections of 2008 was its assurance of securing the rights of the minorities of Bangladesh and of ensuring their safety. Such an election promise offered hope to the Hindus after a long period of persecution and discrimination under the BNP-Jamaat regime and they voted en-masse for the Awami League and in certain areas even actively worked for its victory.
Pak Unlikely to Mend its Ways
We should be clear-sighted about the impact of Osama bin Laden’s killing on the domestic situation in Pakistan, US-Pakistan relations, the situation in Afghanistan, China’s goals in the region, the war on terrorism and, of course, India. Pakistan has been hugely embarrassed by the episode as it cannot credibly claim that bin Laden was hiding for almost 6 years in the garrison town of Abbottabad without anybody’s knowledge. Pakistan’s duplicity in simultaneously fighting and shielding terrorists has got dramatically confirmed by the unearthing of the Al Qaida leader in an ISI safe-house.
Chinese Moves on the Brahmaputra: Threat or Hype
Water—one of the most important natural resource on earth—has taken centre-stage in the North East and is steadily becoming a weapon of geopolitics. It began as a mass movement engineered by the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti and its demand to halt all mega dam projects in the North East. While some of the concerns are bonafide, the fact of the matter is that the rich blue resource of the region—awashed as it is with the white waters from the Tibetan plateau—would not only be a power reservoir for the North East, but also for the rest of the country.
China in the Af-Pak Region
There have been lot of conjectures and apprehensions regarding the role China would play in Afghanistan since Obama in his New Afghan Policy proposed July 2011 as a dateline for commencing the withdrawal of American troops, eventually leading to a complete withdrawal of the US and NATO forces from the country by 2014. As time approaches the proposed dateline, Pakistan, America’s ‘strategic ally’ in its war against terrorism has become enthusiastic in dragging its ‘all weather friend’ China to become its accomplice to determine the future course in Afghanistan.
India Accepting Taliban in Afghanistan?
India has clear strategic interests in Afghanistan but not a clear strategy to pursue them. An independent, sovereign Afghanistan, free of external interference would best serve India’s interests. So would an Afghanistan that is a transit hub between Central Asia and South Asia for shared regional prosperity. Can India bring this about practically? To benefit from such connectivity Afghanistan would have to stabilized under an India-friendly regime.
Indian Foreign Policy Vis a Vis Pakistan: Dialogue and Prospects
India’s foreign policy, like that of any other country, is the resultant of a complex interplay of several factors most notably its history, geography, power potential, ethos, and polity. These have beckoned India towards the adoption of a resolutely independent foreign policy, outside any alliance system, based upon a sense of empathy and solidarity with developing countries particularly in Asia and Africa.
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
July 9, 2019
VIF News Digest: National Security, Defence Studies and Terrorism, 16-30 June, 2019

Defence: Hosting of 12th ReCAAPISC capacity building workshop; Expression of Interest For six P 75(i) Submarines for...

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International Development
July 5, 2019
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, EU, Russia and Africa), 19 June - 3 July, 2019

United States 'Great friends are bound to have disagreements': Mike Pompeo soothes trade tensions on India trip’: CNN, 26...

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Neighbourhood News
July 16, 2019
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: July 16, 2019

PAKISTAN Pakistan reopens airspace for civil aviation after nearly five months: Dawn July 16, 2019 Pakistan's airspace has...

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