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The Justice System
The justice system in India is passing through an extremely difficult period, for which there are a number of reasons. Let us start with the basics, that is, the separation of powers. In this a very special position is given to the Judiciary which makes it totally independent of the Executive. This is most praiseworthy, but it would be futile to deny that the system is under stress.
Italy goes back on its word
The latest turn of events in the Italian marines case is most unfortunate for both India and Italy as the bilateral relationship is being put under serious strain. The Indian side had greater reason to feel aggrieved by the cause of the crisis. Indian nationals were killed near the Indian coast, plainly without justification, by Italian marines.
India, Afghanistan and Developments in Pakistan
A wise man does not venture into unknown territory, at least not till he has reconnoitered it thoroughly. Perhaps I am not wise because I am trying, through this paper, to venture into an area about which my knowledge is sketchy at best. I do this not to pontificate on what India can do about Pakistan and Afghanistan, but to raise questions which, if answered by experts who know, may educate me and make me more knowledgeable. Many of the questions arise from how I perceive Pakistan, because ultimately what happens there affects both us and the Afghans.
Not in Our Interest to Escalate Matters
But it’s up to Rome to find an acceptable way out of the crisis it has created. The refusal of the Italian government to send back their marines to India for trial complicates an already emotive issue.
Pakistan’s Lame Lawmakers’ Resolution on Kashmir a Challenge for India
The highly provocative, extremely offensive, and utterly reprehensible resolution passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan condemning Indian ‘state sponsored brutalities’ and demanding the handing over the body of executed terrorist Afzal Guru to his family, allowing people to freely practise their religion (this coming from a state where an open season has been declared on Shias, Hindu girls are abducted and forcibly converted and Christians are subjected to the worst sort of Islamofascism), pulling out of security forces from Kashmir and repealing all ‘black laws’ in the Indian state, rel
Adrift without a Strategic Culture
Does India have a strategic culture? If strategic culture is defined narrowly in the context of the nuclear age alone, then India, as a recent entrant to the nuclear club and still in the process of acquiring minimum nuclear deterrence, evidently lacks one. If the meaning of strategic culture is broadened to include a country’s approach to national security in general, then the question can be debated.
Turning India into An Aerospace Power House to end Defence Import Scams
Frequent eruption of scams and scandals surrounding India’s high profile defence acquisition programme, besides delivering a severe blow to the defence preparedness of the country, has brought into sharp focus the abysmal failure of the country, boasting one of the largest pools of scientific and technical manpower in the world, to develop a strong and versatile indigenous base for defence and aerospace production.
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