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What is “Strategic” about Promoting Pvt Firms?
The second round of the India-US strategic dialogue has not produced anything especially noteworthy. The bilateral agenda is “transformational” in scope, as it seeks to overcome the hurdles and inhibitions of the past, and has spawned 21 Dialogues and Working Groups on diverse subjects. Progress, however, depends not on the wishes of one side, but on the capacity of the two sides to establish a mutually beneficial basis of engagement.
Government’s Credibility Seriously at Stake – Aftermath of 13/7 Mumbai Attacks
One of the infirmities of our national security discourse is our skewed approach to the issues involved. We get disproportionally focused on the threat – its intensity, manifestations, damage caused etc. than the response required to address them. National security essentially pertains to what the state does, or should do, to effectively meet the anticipated threats - both at the strategic and tactical levels. Correct threat analysis and anticipation is an essential prerequisite but by itself provides no solution. It is useful only when followed by a determined and real time response.
Disbanding Special Police Officers will Facilitate Naxal Resurgence
The recent Supreme Court order to disband the Special Police Officers (SPOs), which was widely criticised to be influenced by the Naxal sympathising intelligentsia, is likely to create a major road block to the anti-Maoist security operations in various states.
The Bureaucratic Caste System
The Indian bureaucracy is highly caste bound, with the IAS being the Brahmins, the IPS being Keshetriyas, the bulk of the bureaucracy being the Vaishyas and the teacher and the scientist being the workhorse Shudras. We still identify the importance of an official by the caste of the service to which he belongs rather than by the work he is doing. Let us take two examples. In the police the Director General is the king of kings. The humble traffic constable is a beast of burden.
NSG stamp for Sino-Pak pact a blow to India
The June meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has legitimized the supply of two additional nuclear reactors to Pakistan by China in violation of its own NSG commitments. This is a blow to our security interests. China presented the NSG with a frontal challenge, and the NSG has buckled.
French Fire: Diplomacy eased the challenges Rafale faced to qualify for the MMRCA commercial bid
The concept of a strategic partnership between India and France emerged politically after our nuclear tests in 1998. France adopted a much more accommodating position on India’s decision to test than any other western country. Instead of punishing India with sanctions, a policy that the US supported, the French advocated a dialogue with India to find common ground between India’s security imperatives and preserving the non-proliferation regime. The French position was important given its status as a permanent member of the Security Council and a nuclear weapon state.
The Role of The Prime Minister in A Westminster Democracy
Under the Indian Constitution the executive power of the Union vests in the President and is exercised by him through officers subordinate to him. However, in exercising his executive power the President is bound to act according to the aid and advice rendered to him by the Prime Minister and the Council of Minister. Under Article 74 it is required that, “ There shall be a Council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at the head to aid and advise the President who shall, in exercise of his functions, act in accordance with such advice”.
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