Neighborhood News Digest - 26 June 2024

Afghanistan Qualifies for the World Cup Semi-Final for the First Time Ever-Tolo News
The Afghanistan national cricket team won its final match of the Super Eight stage of the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024 against Bang....

Neighborhood News Digest - 25 June 2024

G7 countries oppose composition and agenda of third Doha meeting on Afghanistan: Report- The Khaama Press
According to reports, G7 countries, including the US and UK, oppose the composition and agenda of the third ....

How Critical are the Critical Minerals for Central Asia?

Why are Critical Minerals Important?
Critical minerals, with their unique and irreplaceable properties, are vital to modern technologies, industries, and national security. Their designation as critical stems from these properties but als....

Neighborhood News Digest- 13 May 2024

Death Toll from Baghlan Floods Rises to 154, Hundreds Injured-Tolo News
The number of fatalities from the recent floods in Baghlan has risen to 154. Local authorities in the region have reported that the catastroph....

Neighbourhood News Digest - 01 February 2024

China quietly expanding influence in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan – The Hindu
While most of the world treats Afghanistan's Taliban government as a pariah, China is growing diplomatic and economic links — and Kabul....

Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 52, 2023)


How the Global South is rediscovering centuries of shared history to challenge Western domination
India’s engagement with Africa, backed by the common legacy of a colonial past, aims to create a true multipolar wo....

Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 51, 2023)


China’s de-dollarization message finds a receptive audience in North Africa
Earlier this year, three of five countries in North Africa—Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt—applied to join BRICS, the loose affiliation o....

Neighborhood News Digest – 01 December 2023


Delegation of Religious Scholars of Islamic Countries Arrives in Kabul- Tolo News
A delegation of religious scholars from Islamic countries led by Dr. Ali al-Qaradaghi arrived in Kabul on Thursday to meet with the....

Nepal’s Approach to China’s BRI

Nepal is strategically located in the middle of two giants, India and China. Being Nepal’s northern neighbour, China has been keen on increasing its investments in Nepal. The interests are not just economic, but rather strategic. China seeks to inc....

Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (06-12 November 2023)


Australian and Chinese leaders talk pandas and wine as ties improve despite disagreements
The leaders of Australia and China joked about the relative cuteness of pandas and Tasmanian devils on 06 Nov in a largely symb....

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