Climate Change in 2023: Has the World Reached an Inflection Point?

2023 was a watershed year for climate change. As record after record was broken that year, experts lamented that the world may have reached an inflection point. For example, CO2 levels in the atmosphere are projected to reach....

Africa Now - Weekly Newsletter (Week 51, 2023)


China’s de-dollarization message finds a receptive audience in North Africa
Earlier this year, three of five countries in North Africa—Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt—applied to join BRICS, the loose affiliation o....

Neighborhood News Digest – 21 December 2023

Haqqani Welcomes Recommendations of Turkish Scholars-Tolo News
The Acting Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani, in a meeting with a delegation of religious scholars from Turkey, said their recommendations for stren....

Eurasia News Digest (1-15 December, 2023)

Russia& Central Asia

Kazakhstan purchases 10 Su-30SM aircraft ignoring French Rafale
On November 30, Yerzhan Nildibayev, Kazakhstan’s Deputy Chief of Air Defence and head of the primary armaments division, announced Kazakhst....

Neighborhood News Digest – 13 December 2023

Taliban Should Change Their Policy: Andisha - Tolo News
The permanent representative of Afghanistan to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Nasir Ahmad Andisha, on the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaratio....

Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (04-10 December 2023)


COP28 clashes over fossil fuel phaseout after OPEC pushback
Countries clashed on Dec 09 over a possible agreement to phaseout fossil fuels at the COP28 summit in Dubai, jeopardizing attempts to deliver a first-ever co....

Global Developments and Analysis: Weekly Monitor (27 November- 03 December 2023)


Saudi Arabia Offers Iran Investment to Blunt Gaza War
Saudi Arabia has approached Iran with an offer to boost cooperation and invest in its sanctions-stricken economy if the Islamic Republic stops its regional proxies....

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