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"Defence Procurements - Need to Re-architect the Process and Procedures"
The First World War was deemed to be the war to end all wars. Just twenty years after the end of World War I we were engulfed by the Second World War, fought with weapons far more destructive than those used in the period 1914-1919. These included the weapon to end all weapons, the atomic bomb. The war which succeeded the war to end all wars did not create in its wake a world which realised the folly of killing itself off with weapons which could destroy the globe itself.
Obama’s New Strategic Guidance Indicates a Shift in Defence Policy
The new strategic guidance for the US Department of Defence, issued on January 5th 2012, in an eight page document entitled “Sustaining US Leadership: Priorities for 21th Century Defense”, merits careful study. It not only provides insights into the emerging global security challenges as envisaged by the US and its projected response thereto but also enumerates the primary missions for the US Armed Forces.It may be recalled that the last occasion on which a similar document was prepared was in 1992, in the aftermath of the Gulf War.
Need to Augment Indian Missile Power
The highly disturbed and extremely volatile security environment in India’s neighbourhood underlines the need for India to substantially strengthen its national security apparatus with a range of strategic and tactical battlefield missiles featuring cutting edge technologies. In particular, the combative mood of the China over territorial and boundary disputes with India has highlighted the need to deploy long range ballistic missiles for deterrence purposes.
Why Krishna's Visit to Lanka can't be Termed 'Successful'
As is customary, official circles in India have hailed External Affairs S M Krishna's four-day visit to Sri Lanka from January 16th to 19th 2012 as 'successful.' Whether or not it was indeed 'successful' demands an examination of what transpired during the visit and the extent to which India's interests were promoted. During the visit, besides detailed discussions with his Sri Lankan counterpart, Professor G L Peiris, Krishna called on President Mahinda Rajapaksa and met with leaders of the Tamil National Alliance.
Don’t See False Signs of Change in Pak
Is the current institutional conflict in Pakistan an indication that it is increasingly becoming a dysfunctional state, or is it a sign that the political system is now becoming more democratic? The Zardari government is at loggerheads with the judiciary as well as the army.
Caste, Religion and Reservations
The Government of India has announced that it had decided to provide 4.5 percent reservations for Muslims, to form part of the 27 percent reservation quota for other backward classes. Salman Kurshid, the Law Minister, has stated that this reservation would be of the order of 9 percent. The timing of these announcements coincides with the elections to be held in U.P. and this has created an absolute uproar.
The Lok Pal Saga
How Nine Governments Betrayed the Nation
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
November 4, 2019
VIF News Digest: National Security- Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16-31 October, 2019

Defence: Indo Maldives Joint Exercise EKUVERIN – 2019; Indo-French Joint Exercise Shakti-2019; Government committed to...

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International Development
October 23, 2019
VIF News Digest: International Events (US, Europe and, Russia and Africa), 3-18 October 2019

US Mulvaney outlines White House Ukraine defense: Quid pro quo was about 2016 not 2020: CNN, 17 October 2019 The White House...

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Neighbourhood News
November 18, 2019
VIF Neighborhood News Digest: November 18, 2019

PAKISTAN PML-Q in damage control mode after Pervaiz’s assertions: Dawn November 18, 2019 In an effort to control the ‘damage...

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