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Enter The Dragon
Hu Jintao, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CCP) recently came visiting the US. For the reasons of protocol he donned a different hat and was feted by the mainstream American media as the President of the Peoples' Republic of China. Hu Jintao stood beside Obama at the White House and used the occasion to convey a not so subtle message that the leaders of the world’s two largest economies are becoming equals. Hu Jintao was obviously seeking parity for China with the US while questioning the usefulness of dollar as an international currency.
Hu's Visit Shouldn't Worry US
President Hu’s just concluded US visit has naturally attracted international attention, as the challenger was meeting the champion, as it were. The US is seen as a slowly declining power, and China a rapidly rising one. The dwindling of US power worries many, even the detractors of US policies, because of unforeseeable destabilizing consequences. A larger number are, however, more anxious about what China’s spectacular ascent might entail.
PLA Navy’s Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile: Challenge to India
Modernisation of PLA Navy (PLAN) is one of the important planks of China’s revolution of military affairs with indigenous characteristics. The Defence White Papers of China issued regularly after every two years have laid great emphasis on development of power projection capabilities which includes the expansion of the reach of thee Navy, that is, converting the coastal Navy to real blue water Navy besides modernizing its Air force and Strategic Rocket artillery forces.
Route To Nuclear Disarment
The international community, as a whole, has never really moved in any purposive and concerted fashion to achieve the objective of a nuclear weapon free world. While there have been many calls for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons, progress has been limited as the five nuclear weapon states, recognized as such by the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), have, generally, not been serious about a world free of nuclear weapons.
Maoist Funding: Dimensions, Sources and Implications
Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh has been reiterating a word of caution about the increasing threat of Left Wing Extremism. Few weeks ago, he conveyed the high sign of losing out a double digit sustained growth rate unless the mineral rich Central India as well as the tribal population are freed from the clutches of the Maoist menace.1 The challenge in front of the nation, as mentioned by the Prime Minister, is arduous for it implies containing an extremist organisation which prevents the nation to put its own resources to optimum use but thrive on them successfully.
It's Not Upto India To Save Pak From Abyss
The dramatic killing of Salman Taseer, the Governor of Pakistan’s Punjab province, epitomizes all that is steadily going wrong with the country- large scale sectarian terrorism causing domestic mayhem, growing religious fanaticism within society, extremist encroachment into the security apparatus, reduced political and social space for liberal thinking, toxic connections between mainstream political parties and the mullahs, failing democracy. More and more Pakistan appears headed towards a form of state failure.
NE Insurgent Groups and the Strategic Encirclement
One of the most important reasons for the continuance of insurgency in the North East is the region’s proximity to outer lands. The strategic encirclement has not only provided the expanse with a conduit to countries such as China, which welcomed number of insurgent batches from Nagaland, Manipur and Assam, but also bases for training, sustenance and launching pads for operations against India. This has been seen in the case of Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh and even Bhutan, the last of which is a country that is a virtual protectorate of India.
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