Commentary: India Joins Ashgabat Agreement

Dr Rashmini Koparkar, Research Associate, VIF

Background India has recently joined the Ashgabat Agreement, which envisages creation of an International Transport and Transit Corridor connecting Central Asia with the Persian Gulf. This corridor is set to facilitate connectivit

International Relations and Diplomacy, Central Asia

A Study on Skills and Employment Strategy for India’s Poor Districts

Partha Mitra

Introduction The focus of the study is to identify the reasons for their remaining poor and backward, and designing a skills and employment strategy based on the ground conditions as revealed by the census data. This Study reli

Governance and Political Studies

राष्ट्रपति ट्रंप और येरुशलम

Amb K P Fabian

येरुशलम को इजरायल की राजधानी के रूप में मान्यता देने और अमेरिकी दूतावास को तेल अवीव से हटाकर ये

International Relations and Diplomacy, West Asia, Hindi

India should take up challenge of Lethal Autonomous Weapons System

Arvind Gupta, Director - VIF
Technological and Scientific Studies, VIF Scholars Outreach

हंटर किलर से मौतें अपरिहार्य क्यों – तकनीकी पड़ताल

Lt Gen (Dr) V K Saxena (Retd), PVSM,AVSM,VSM, Distinguished Fellow, VIF

दुनिया के विभिन्न हिस्सों (पाकिस्तान, अफगानिस्तान, यमन, सीरिया, इराक और कई अन्य देश) में जिहादी आ

Technological and Scientific Studies, Hindi

India needs to play its cards right with China and the US

Dr Harinder Sekhon, Senior Fellow, VIF
International Relations and Diplomacy, US, VIF Scholars Outreach

Commentary: Exhibition - India at 70 and the Jammu & Kashmir Saga

Ramanand Garge, Senior Research Associate, VIF

On the occasion of 70 years of Jammu & Kashmir’s accession to India, an interactive digital exhibition was organised by the National Archives of India from January 11, 2018. The exhibition has been organised at the National Archives of India, Janpa

Jammu & Kashmir

Commentary: Maldives in Turmoil- Political Conflict Intensifies

Akash Sahu, Research Intern, VIF

A Political Turmoil The island nation in the Indian Ocean is suddenly facing serious political turmoil on account of the sharp turn of events beginning Thursday on 1st February, 2018, when the Supreme Court of Maldives pronounced

Neighbourhood Studies, Maldives

गिलगित-बाल्टिस्तान में हालिया विरोध क्यों

Prateek Joshi, Research Associate, VIF

गिलगित-बाल्टिस्तान काउंसिल, इस्लामाबाद द्वारा आयकर (अनुकूलन) कानून, 2012 के तहत प्रत्यक्ष कर लागू

Jammu & Kashmir, National Security and Strategic Studies, Hindi