Modelling of Defence Preparedness

Every nation, big or small, has to address its need for defence in a world that is full of conflicts and uncertainties. India with its growing economy and poised to become one of the top five powerful nations of the globe, therefore, has to have a robust defence framework. The budget announces every year a significant chunk of the nation’s revenue for sourcing of defence systems. Our armed forces make corresponding plans to utilize these funds to continually support as well as modernize the defence framework in the country.

Kashmir: Who’ll Buy What Pakistan is Selling?

For nearly quarter of a century now, that is ever since terrorism enveloped the state of Jammu and Kashmir around 1989-90, India has downplayed the Pakistan’s diplomatic propaganda campaign against it. Except for pro forma rebuttals in the UN to Pakistani provocations and the occasional statement by the MEA spokesperson, India has preferred to not join issue with Pakistan in a sustained sort of manner. The idea was that instead of dignifying them, it would be better to ignore Pakistani rants and treat them with the contempt they deserved.

राजद्रोह बनाम वाणी की स्वतंत्रता: जारी है विवाद

देश में कहीं भी पुलिस जब राजद्रोह कानून के प्रावधानों के तहत कोई मामला दर्ज करती है, इस कानून को समाप्त करने की दुहाई तेज हो जाती है। इसका सबसे ताजा उदाहरण बेंगलूरु में सामने आया, जब कर्नाटक पुलिस ने एमनेस्टी इंटरनेशनल इंडिया के खिलाफ राजद्रोह का मामला दर्ज किया। इस गैर सरकारी संगठन (एनजीओ) ने कश्मीर में अशांति के कारण वहां की जनता को हो रहे कष्टों की ओर ध्यान खींचने के लिए अपने “ब्रोकन फैमिलीज” अभियान के तहत शहर में एक कार्यक्रम आयोजित किया था। लेकिन उस वक्त बवाल खड़ा हो गया, जब वहां मौजूद कुछ लोगों ने भारतीय सेना के समर्थन में नारे लगाए और जवाब में दूसरे वर्ग ने कश्मीर की आजादी के समर्थन में

A Renewed Indo-Iranian Security Cooperation in the Offing

In what could be considered as a new fervour in the Indo-Iranian ties, both the countries are now likely to revive their military-security cooperation. This will add importance to the relationship which, for several years, has been based mostly on oil and energy trade due to the United States (US)-led sanctions. Although engagement in military spheres is not a new phenomenon, activities in this field came to a standstill from the mid-2000s due to certain external factors. For little more than a decade, Indo-Iranian military ties have been shelved and became dormant.

Judiciary versus Executive – Need for Early Resolution

It appears that the confrontation between the Union Government and the judiciary over the appointment of judges, is not going to end soon. Ever since a Bench of the Supreme Court struck down the validity of the National Judicial Appointments Commission, the friction between the two has increased.

A K Verma's Demise – An Irreparable Loss to Security and Strategic Community

The obituary notice for the prayer meeting to condole the sad and sudden demise of Shri A K Verma, former Chief of India's external intelligence R&AW and Director General Security, most aptly, summed up the man himself in just a few words. "He was a great patriot and served his country, till the end, with honour, dignity, devotion and hard work". Having had the privilege of knowing Shri Verma for many years, both as a professional and as a human being, I can vouch for all that and for more.

Women ask: Where are our Trillion Dollar output?

Whenever some visitors asked my elder sister, “Do you work?”, she used to be amused. She used to say, “What else I do from 5 am to 10 pm every day”. For most people household work is not considered as ‘work’. It is not included in computing national income or Gross Domestic Product (GDP). National income by definition is aggregate of products and services produced in a country during the year. But household work is not included in the services. In other words, only paid services are included. For instance if you marry your servant maid then the national income will come down. Believe me!

Sri Lanka: One Year of National Unity Government An Assessment

It is said that if Presidential Elections held in Sri Lanka in January 2015 was a referendum, the 2015 General Elections that followed was in a way electoral validation the results of that process.

ASEAN-India and ASEAN Summits: Opportunity and Challenges for ‘Acting East’

The month of September 2016 commences with a number of important summits. The first would be the G-20 summit, followed by a series of ASEAN related summits including the 11th East Asia Summit and 14th ASEAN-India Summit. While the G-20 summit is scheduled be held in Hangzhou in Eastern China from 04 to 05 September 2016, the ASEAN related summits would take place at Vientiane, Laos, from 06 to 08 September. Both summits, however, come after a momentous ruling given by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) on the dispute between the Philippines and China on the South China Sea (SCS).

Offshoots of New Financial Governance

There has of late been speculation that the Modi Government could usher in substantial changes in the country’s fiscal governance through three methods: First, by revising the financial year from the present April-March cycle to January-December; second, by scrapping the Railway Budget; and third, by abolishing the classification of expenditure as Plan and non-Plan.