• Dec 15 2016

    Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), in collaboration with Near East and South Asia (NESA) Center, USA, had organized a two day Conference on ‘Security along the Silk Road’ on December 15-16, 2016. 11 international guests and 12 Indian delegates participated in the endeavor, which addressed the issues and challenges in Central Asia. Major focus of the discussions was on political developments in the Central Asian Republics (CARs), economic diversity, energy sector, security threats like terrorism and extremism, and regional connectivity.

  • Dec 12 2016

    The Vivekananda International Foundation held its monthly ‘Vimarsha’ on 12 December 2016 with eminent thinker and economist, Shri S Gurumurthy, widely acclaimed as a champion of ‘economic nationalism’ in India. As expected, the event attracted a large audience to listen to Shri Gurumurthy explaining the underpinnings of de-monetisation i.e. the sudden decision announced by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi last month to do away with Rs. 1000/- and 500/- currency notes.

  • Dec 8 2016

    16th September 2016 and 8th December 2016

  • Dec 4 2016

    India and Australia are ideally placed to develop a close, comprehensive partnership so as to take advantage of the opportunities that are now available in a world where the economic and political gravity is shifting towards the Indo-Pacific region. Few countries in the Indo-Pacific have more in common than India and Australia. They speak the same language, respect the same system of law and are both multicultural, federal democracies. With this in mind the first Australia India Leadership Dialogue was held in New Delhi in the year 2015.

  • Nov 28 2016

    Amid growing uncertainties over Brexit, especially in the Eurozone and the UK, the VIF invited Norway’s current Ambassador to India, H.E. Nils Ragnar Kamsvag, on November 28, 2016, for a talk on the current state of play in Europe in post Brexit. General NC Vij, Director VIF, welcomed the visiting dignitary and introduced him to the VIF faculty.

  • Nov 28 2016

    A two member delegation from Taiwan’s National Defence University comprising of Dr. Shen, Ming-Shih, Director War College of NDU and Col. Chen, Yeng Chuan interacted with the VIF faculty on 28 November 2016. While Dr. Shen spoke on ‘Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Party Congress and Power Succession’ Col. Chen explained ‘PLA Rocket Army and Military Transformation’.

  • Nov 25 2016

    A four member delegation led by Prof. Sui Guangjun, Vice President of Guangdong Institute for International Strategies and Party Secretary of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies interacted with the VIF faculty led by Amb. Satish Chandra on 25 November 2016. Prof. Guangjun and his team spoke on India-China bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation, their roles in global governance, and cooperation opportunities under the 21st Maritime Silk Road Initiative. From the VIF side Dr.

  • Nov 23 2016

    A delegation from VIF visited Taiwan from 23 to 27 November 2016. The visit was undertaken with the aim of giving a new impetus to India-Taiwan Relations.

  • Nov 11 2016

    A Round Table Meet on ‘Developing Counter Narrative to Radicalization: Bangladesh Experience’ was held at Vivekananda International Foundation, New Delhi, on the 11th of November, 2016. Visiting expert from Bangladesh, Lt. Col. (Retd.), Quazi Sajjad Ali Zahir, recipient of Swadinata Padak, Bangladesh’s highest civilian award and author of several books, was the key speaker.

  • Oct 27 2016

    On 27 October 2016, the VIF invited Brigadier General Muhammad Sakhawat Hussain ndc, psc (Retd), former Election Commissioner of Bangladesh (2007-2012), for a talk on ‘Electoral Governance in Bangladesh’, followed by an interactive session. With Mr.

  • Oct 23 2016

    A VIF delegation led by Director, Gen NC Vij and comprising of Lt. Gen. Ravi Sawhney, Amb Ashok Kantha and Brig Vinod Anand visited Myanmar from 23 to 25 October 2016. Mr. NMP Jayesh ex-Singapore, an expert on trade and commerce represented the CII. The delegation interacted with Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies (MISIS), leaders of National League for Democracy, Deputy Commandant and faculty of National Defence College and high level officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Naypidaw.

  • Oct 21 2016

    The Colombo-based Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RSCC), in collaboration with Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) and Institute for Transnational Studies (ITS) of Germany, organised a two-day conference on 21-22 October 2016 in Colombo, on the theme ‘Emerging Strategic Dynamics in the Indo-Pacific’. Apart from these three institutions, speakers had been invited from India and the Philippines. Commodore Gopal Suri and Mr. Alvite Ningthoujam participated from the VIF side.

  • Oct 5 2016

    On 05 Oct 2016, the VIF invited Dr. Haseeb Drabu, Minister of Finance in the BJP-PDP coalition government of Jammu and Kashmir, for a talk on the ‘Developments in Kashmir to a broad panel of security experts, including former ambassadors, retired bureaucrats and ex-military commanders, among others.

  • Sep 26 2016

    On 26 Sep 2016, the VIF held a fascinating interaction with Ambassador Timothy J. Roemer, former Member of the US Congress for six terms from Indiana and Ambassador to India (2009-2011), sharing his perspective on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, as also the future direction in Indo-US relations.

  • Sep 23 2016

    The VIF organised an internal discussion the topic being, ‘Russia in the 21st Century: where from, where to’, on 23 Sep 2016. The discussion was conducted by Amb PS Raghavan and moderated by Amb PP Shukla, both India’s former Ambassadors to Russia. While the focus was Russia’s foreign policy strategy under President Putin, especially its relations with major world powers including Europe, America and China, among others, the interaction also substantially delved into the perceived drift taking place in Russia-India relations over the last few years.

  • Sep 20 2016

    Leading a four-member delegation, Mr. YI Peng, founder President of the Pangoal Institution, a Bejing-based non-governmental think tank, visited the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) on 20 Sep 2016 for an interaction, targeted at exploring potentials for expanding economic cooperation between China and India, especially in the private sectors.

  • Sep 19 2016

    On 19 Sep 2016, Amb Dinkar Srivastava, India’s former Ambassador to Iran, conducted a round table discussion on ‘India-Iran relations and the way forward’. The interaction among experts focused on three key issues: terrorism, regional connectivity and India’s oil and gas imports from Iran.

  • Sep 15 2016

    Shri Prakash Singh, former DG BSF, delivered a perceptive talk, ‘Preparing The Central And State Police Forces To Deal With The Multi-Dimensional Challenges Of Tomorrow’, at the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) on 15 Sep 2016, as part of VIF’s monthly series of lectures, ‘Vimarsha’. A large audience, comprising former bureaucrats, diplomats, military veterans, members of the academia, among other informed citizenry of Delhi, attended the event and also participated in a lively interaction with the distinguished speaker following the lecture.

  • Sep 9 2016

    Amb Amar Sinha, Secretary (Economic Relations) in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Government of India, interacted with a select panel of policy experts at the VIF on 09 Sep 2016, focusing on the Prime Minister’s visit to Africa and the way forward in India-Africa relations. The interaction squarely focused on adding more teeth to India’s Africa policy.

  • Sep 8 2016

    Leading a five-member delegation of the ‘China Association for International Friendly Contact’ (CAIFC), Mr. Liu Hanwu, Director, Asian Affairs and Standing Counsel Member of the CAIFC, visited the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) on 08 Sep 2016 for an interaction that broadly hinged on potentials for improving ties between China and India, especially around cultural and historical legacies.

  • Sep 7 2016

    Dr. David Brewster, a well known Australian maritime expert and author of ‘India as an Asia Pacific Power’, held a comprehensive interaction with the VIF’s strategic faculty on 07 September 2016 aimed at analyzing potentials for developing a tri-lateral partnership between India, Australia and the United States in the Indo-Pacific region.

  • Aug 26 2016

    On 26 Aug 2016, the Vivekananda International Foundation invited Dr. Ashley Tellis, a foremost expert on non-proliferation issues, strategic issues in South Asia and the U.S. foreign policy, for a broad-ranging interaction on Indo-U.S. relations and the way forward. The interaction, held broadly against the backdrop of impending Presidential elections in the United States barely two months away, focused on crystal-gazing the potential trajectory in the Indo-U.S relations with a new U.S. President in office.

  • Aug 19 2016

    ‘Soft Power’, a term coined by Joseph Nye in the late 1980s, has been gaining increasing salience in foreign policy debates the world over. While in India, the use of soft power as part of Indian diplomacy had begun even before the term was coined, efforts to leverage various strands of India’s soft power in a sustained manner started gathering momentum with the coming of second NDA-led government to power in 2014. Observance of the United Nations sponsored ‘International Yoga Day’ was an evidence of that endeavour, Prime Minister Modi being its leading flag bearer.

  • Aug 18 2016

    The VIF had the privilege to host Mr. Hasanul Haq Inu, Hon’ble Minister for Information and President of the Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal, Bangladesh, on 18 Aug 2016 for an interaction on India-Bangladesh relations and the way forward. The interaction covered a broad spectrum of issues: bilateral economic and security cooperation, Bangladesh’s’ internal dynamics, the menace of radicalization, and South Asian regional cooperation, among many other related issues.

  • Aug 17 2016

    While freebies are considered among the surest and fastest means of providing succor to the needy poor, these come at a heavy cost to the national exchequer, as precious economic resources have to be diverted away from developmental projects, especially those linked to infrastructure projects.

  • Aug 12 2016

    The VIF held an internal Round Table Discussion on 12 August 2016, necessitated largely by the fact that China-Pakistan axis, which has remained India’s Achilles heel for long, has begun to manifest in recent years in ways that are increasingly detrimental not only to India’s security but also to the region’s security as a whole.

  • Aug 5 2016

    A delegation of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), led by its President Prof. Ji Zhiye, including Mr. Han Liqun and Mr. Hu Shisheng, among others, visited the VIF on 5 August 2016 for an interaction on India-China relations and the way forward.

  • Aug 2 2016

    Against the backdrop of 12 July 2016, award by the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) on the South China Sea (SCS), a Round Table Discussion was held on 2 August 2016, on “South China Dispute Ruling: Implications”. The discussion started with the opening remarks by the Director, Gen N.C Vij, followed by two presentations of Vice Admiral Anup Singh (The Philippines vs. China: PCA ruling) and Amb. Ashok Kantha (Implications of the Award & China’s Actions). This was followed by a brainstorming discussion.

  • Aug 1 2016

    The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), in collaboration with Finland Future Research Centre (FFRC), held a day-long seminar on ‘India-European (EU) Relations: Opportunities and Challenges’ on 1 Aug 2016. The seminar sought to build upon the 13th official Summit between European Union and India held in Brussels on 30 Mar 2016 which was attended by Mr. Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and Mr. Donald Tusk, President of the European Commission.

  • Jul 28 2016

    Vimarsha–the series of public lectures on contemporary national importance hosted every month by the VIF--was held on 28 July 2016 with well-known Ganga Activist Dr. Onkar Mittal and Environmentalist Dr. Hishmi Jamil Husain giving a broad overview of the proposed waterways on river Ganga and its implications both for ecology and development. A large number of Delhiites including public luminaries and enthusiasts, among others, turned up for the event braving incessant rains leading to traffic snarls in most parts of Delhi, a pointer to the popularity of Vimarsha among Delhi’s intelligentsia.