The Nexus of Terror and Ideology : Scourge of Naxalism in India

Shekhar Dutt

Independence may have firmed up the geographic expanse of India but it failed to stabilise the ‘concept’ of India. Constitutionally we have taken our diversity seriously and the representative form of our democracy has further made our divisions

Leftwing Extremism, National Security and Strategic Studies

भारतीय सभ्यता और संविधान

RNP Singh, Senior Fellow, VIF

पारंपरिक भारत ही आज के भारत का उद्भव और स्रोत है। यही भारत के अस्तित्व की रीढ़ है। दार्शनिक स्तर

Historical and Civilisational Studies, Hindi

India Needs Structural Changes to Remove Uncertainty in National Security

Brig Narender Kumar

Thucydides said, “Peace is a temporary truce in a war that is continuously going on.” India is at war since 1947 as no nation has fought so many conventional and sub-conventional conflicts post World War–II as India. Incidentally, each of these

National Security and Strategic Studies, Defence

स्किल इंडिया अभियान : सामयिक पहल

Dr Teshu Singh, Senior Research Associate, VIF

आर्थिक वृद्धि पर आयु का प्रभाव हमेशा ही बहस का विषय रहा है। युवा कामकाजी वर्ग में बढ़ोतरी किसी भी

Economic Studies, Hindi

Uzbek President’s Roadmap to Check Radicalization

Skand Ranjan Tayal

Since attaining independence in 1991, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian Republics have been struggling to prevent the radicalization of their overwhelmingly Muslim populations. Uzbekistan quickly realized the danger of unregulated religious preachi

Terrorism, National Security and Strategic Studies

Visakhapatnam Port: More Beneficial to Nepal

Prof Hari Bansh Jha

As part of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s neighbourhood connectivity policy, India allowed Nepal to use Visakhapatnam Port of Andhra Pradesh in 2016 for trade with third countries. It was for a long time that Nepal had been making a demand f

Neighbourhood Studies, Nepal

Of Political Heroes and Hero-worship

Rajesh Singh
Policies & Perspectives

Military Strategy vis-a-vis Chinese Aggression

Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee, Distinguished Fellow & Editor, VIF

A paper on Indian's Military strategy to deal with incessant aggression from China is reproduced under the link below: India

Neighbourhood Studies, China

Developing Nodes of Excellence on China

Maj Gen (Retd.) P K Chakravorty

Introduction India does not have clear perceptions of China and our thinking is based on the 1962 War and also from opinions of research findings of other countries. Thus despite all efforts, China remains an enigma with regards t

Neighbourhood Studies, China