Issue Brief

Treating the ‘Disease of Disconnection’

(May 17, 2017)

Author’s Note

The previous paper by this author, while addressing the broader concerns and implications of Daesh for the Indian context, built on theoretical insights from multidisciplinary domains in pursuit of a possible...

Tripura Model of Holistic Approach to Combat Insurgency: Genesis, Lessons, Future Challenges and Recommendations

(May 5, 2017)


Ethnic strife between the people of Tripura and Bengal that was simmering since the princely days increased subsequently, leading to tension and sporadic incidents of violence since its integration into the...

Rising Trend of Religious Radicalization in Bangladesh

(October 27, 2016)

Bangladesh, world's third largest Muslim majority nation has, right from its independence, cherished and followed the cardinal democratic values of freedom, equality, justice and religious tolerance. These, in a major way, also played a pivotal...

Anti-Terror Laws in India and Pakistan: A Comparative Study

(October 21, 2016)

Anti-national acts of misguided citizens and their fanatic mentors have forced even democratic governments to enact special laws to deal with these. The purpose of such provisions, which many propagators of individual freedom view as 'draconian...

BBIN: Paradigm Change in South Asia

(May 10, 2016)


In a bid to emulate the European Economic Cooperation (EEC, later EC and then EU), and the promise of success in the ASEAN models, South Asian countries got together in December 1985 to form their own South Asian...