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Modi-Obama Meet in Paris: Taking stock of India-US Relations

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama met in Paris on the sidelines of the crucial climate change conference, it was their sixth bilateral meeting in a little over one year, a very impressive tally by any reckoning. On Clima

From Buddhism to Bollywood - The Investment in Soft Power

As a gross generalisation, three factors shape the foreign policy of most countries: history, geography and capability. And each of these has decisively influenced Indian foreign policy, in different ways at different times. India’s power of attrac

What to expect from Heart of Asia Conference

Few people are aware why Foreign Minister (FM) Sushma Swaraj is likely to be going to Islamabad on 9 Dec 2015. Indeed it’s a follow up to the Prime Minister’sbrief chat with Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistan Prime Minister during the Climate Conference

Multi-Vector Foreign Policy of Vietnam and Cooperation with China

The end of cold war in 1991 and dawn of a new era in the global politics also had its concomitant impact on Vietnam and its approaches to foreign policy. While the earlier decades witnessed a series of conflicts the nineties saw Vietnam engaging mult

Bihar results will not impact Foreign Policy

While the impact of the Bharatiya Janata Party's electoral debacle in Bihar and the public rift between the party's "veterans" and the current leadership on the course of domestic politics is uncertain, India's foreign relations will not normally be


The One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative of the Chinese has seen a number of international conferences hosted in China over the last two years, to debate and seek ideas from the global economic/strategic community on the optimum parameters and pre-req

Upping the Ante in the South China Sea

The political climate in the South China Sea has become more charged with the US Navy sending a destroyer, the USS Lassen, on a Freedom of Navigation patrol (FONOP) within 12 nm of the Subi Reef, a Chinese occupied natural formation in the con

The Pakistani Shadow on Indo-Us Relations

We should be treating the visits of Pakistani leaders abroad as part of normal diplomacy that all countries engage in. By paying too much attention to them we boost Pakistan’s political importance and diminish our own stature. Unfortunately, we can

Russia in Syria : The Why & What Next

As I sit before the television I see events hurtling across West Asia at a speed faster than can be discerned. I follow events almost minute to minute but find it difficult to make strategic sense out of many of them. It’s why I pity the layman obs

Rising Tensions in the South China Sea

The South China Sea has been an area of friction for the last couple of decades with regular flare ups between states that ring this area due to competing territorial and sovereignty claims. The Spratly Islands have often been in the news with contes

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