International Relations/Diplomacy
India-China Relations are Marked by Strategic Stability, Tactical Aggressiveness

Relations between India and China have been fairly stable at the strategic level. Economic relations are much better now than these have been in the past. Mutual economic dependence is growing rapidly even though the balance of trade is skewed in Chi

Tense But Together

To assess the outcome of the fourth BRICS summit at New Delhi on March 29, a look is required at the genesis of this grouping, its value for its members and the extent to which it can influence international decision-making. The origin

Iran, Israel and India's Interests

Geo Politics of Civilisations and Culture Two civilisations, India and Iran and a very ancient culture consecrated in the creation of Israel are in an enigmatic triangle. India is involuntarily at the apex with inimical, Iran and Israel at

The Arc of the India-US Partnership

US-India Geo-political Convergence? Is there a geo-political coherence in the India-US partnership that can be delineated on the ground by tracing a curving line across the globe or a sizable part of it that connects points of convergence?

Don’t Take Sides on Syria

When the street rose against the entrenched regimes of Tunisia and Egypt and toppled them there was enthusiastic references to an “Arab Spring”. The nature of the political upsurge in these two countries was defined by western observers from thei

Of Principle and Beyond

Vladimir Putin’s clear victory in the Russian presidential election, garnering about 64 per cent of the votes — close to the 70 per cent he won in the 2004 election — suggests that his overall standing with the electorate at large has not been

The Iran Dilemma

US policy towards Iran constitutes a big diplomatic headache for India. Iran cast a shadow even on the negotiations with the US on the nuclear deal. The US legislation enabling cooperation with India’s civilian nuclear sector gratuitously called fo

The Iran-Israel Confrontation and India

Events in the West Asian region have been going through major shifts in the last year or so. These may portend the final end of the system crafted principally by the British a hundred years ago at the end of the First World War. This, of course, requ

India in No Way A Freeloader

India is criticized in US circles for its reluctance to take position on difficult issues facing the international community, for fence-sitting and avoiding decisions that could carry political costs. It is accused of piggy-backing on the exertions t

India Must Hold Its Ground on Iran

Mounting Iran-West tensions have implications for India’s energy security, transit to Afghanistan, the India-US “strategic relationship”, India’s ties with the Gulf countries as well as its international role as a rising power. Iran is Ind

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