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China’s Maritime Challenges in the Indo-Pacific

With the status quo under challenge and competition for strategic space intensifying, especially among the major regional powers in the Indo-Pacific, the region has seen an increase in tensions. China’s ‘rise

Commentary: Minister of State for External Affairs Visits North Korea

Minister of State for External Affairs (MoS) Gen V.K. Singh’s official visit to the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) on 15-16 May 2018 has attracted wide attention. A ministerial visit to North Korea was after a long gap of almost twe

Commentary: India Should Be Innovative in the Challenging Times Ahead

Prime Minister Modi has shown remarkable innovativeness in foreign policy arena recently. This shows that he is cognisant of the challenges for India that are looming ahead. The ‘informal summit’ with Xi Jinping in April 2018 was an attempt to

Changing Political Landscape in the Middle East

President Trump’s announcement of US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal comes at a time, when the political landscape in the Middle East is changing fast. Hizbullah won the majority in Lebanon elections in early May. The Iraqi election results

दक्षिण चीन सागर में पी एल ए की नौसेना का विराट अभ्यास: विश्लेषण

पीपुल्स लिबरेशन आर्मी (पीएलए) की नौसेना ने वैश्विक और क्षेत्रीय स्तरों पर उभरती सामरिक स्थितिय

पंचम भारत-चीन रणनीतिक आर्थिक संवाद

भारत चीन के बीच घटते व्यापार ने इन दोनों देशों के द्विपक्षीय संबंधों में खटास पैदा कर दी है। कई

Commentary: India’s Lines of Credit Dilemma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on his third visit to Nepal at the end of the week from May 11-12, closely on the heels of visit of Nepalese Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli. Speaking at the India Foundation function PM Oli appreciated India’s assist

Commentary: Will Japan Carry the Bastion of Constitution Amendment After Abe?

(Kill a bull by straightening its horns, meaning: Action taken to put something right is often more unpleasant or damaging than the original problem)
The above quote succinctly

ASEAN Summit at Singapore: Urgent Need for a Legally Binding Code of Conduct in South China Sea

The 32nd edition of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit took place in Singapore in from 25-28 April where the central theme of the meeting was envisioned as ‘Resilient and Innovative ASEAN’. While the South East Asia

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