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Australia joining the Malabar exercises will strengthen the Quad

In a landmark decision, India has invited the Australian Navy to join the Malabar naval exercises 2020. India’s invitation comes on the heels of the Tokyo meeting of the foreign ministers of the Quadrilateral (Quad) grouping comprising of India, th

The '2 plus 2' Indo-US Dialogue; a Fillip to Indo-US Security Cooperation

India and the US concluded the 3rd edition of the ‘2+2’ ministerial dialogue in New Delhi on 27 October 2020. Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh, External Affairs Minister Jaishankar from the Indian side and Defence Secretary Mark Esper, Secretary o

Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Rivalry has begun

The last two years have seen the U.S-China rivalry ramping up, threatening to engulf the world in a new Cold War. The new Cold War would not be the same as before, based on ideology, but, who has better technology and is equipped to deal with global

Logistic Support Agreements- A Growing Footprint

Open sources are abuzz with the news that in the annual bilateral summit between India and Russia slated in November 2020, the Agreement on Reciprocal Logistic Support or ARLS is likely to be signed1. In the above context, this article

PLA: Reading Tea Leaves1

Any study of PLA gets hit by the wall of opacity or broad based sources, lacking as it is of military transparency and accountability. Xinhua or People’s Daily or Global Times tend to enjoy official patronage and state the official line in t

The Quad: Is Security the Galvanizer?

The significance of the Quad Foreign Ministers meeting in Tokyo on 6 October 2020 lies in the fact that it happened in person despite the pandemic – last year the Quad foreign ministers had met on the margins of the UNGA. The level of this annual m

Quad acquires Stronger Teeth as Australia joins Malabar Naval Exercises

The decision of India to invite Australia to join the annual Malabar naval exercises after a gap of 13 years is a substantial strategic move whose significance in the region’s strategic landscape shall hereafter acquire greater heft. This also mean

The Frozen Conflict of Nagorno-Karabakh Flares up again

Nagorno Karabakh is one of the frozen conflicts in Eurasia for over a quarter century. However, on September 27 the two contenders and neighbours Azerbaijan and Armenia fired up the conflict yet again resulting in hundreds of casualties and attacks o

How the Sabah Dispute Challenges ASEAN’s Regional Security Vision

The issue of Sabah or North Borneo, as it was known till 19631, was brushed under a legal carpet of convenience ever since the Malaysian Federation was formed. Sabah lies on the island of Borneo, the world’s third largest island astride

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