International Relations/Diplomacy
The ‘Party’ that Controls the Gun!

In analysing the aggression shown by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Eastern Ladakh since May 2020, and the intransigence apparent in the consequent negotiations to return to status quo, it is imperative follow the hierarchy dictating the sam

The India - EU Summit: Implementation Remains the Key

The Strategic Partnership between India and EU was forged in 2004. The precursor to this partnership was a Joint Political Statement (1993) and a cooperation Agreement (1994)both of which laid the basis of this partnership. India and EU also agreed o

The EU -USA- China Contradiction: the Friends Turned Foes and Vice Versa

The European Union (EU) is today facing a major contradiction. Its traditional ally, the USA has in several ways turned its back on Europe and is entering into trade and defence related quarrels. China which is the EU’s ‘systemic rival’ is on t

Finding a Solution to the Nile Dispute

The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) since April 2011 has emerged as a bone of contention between Egypt famously known as the ‘Gift of Nile’ and Ethiopia that controls 85 percent of the water flow of the river. The dispu

Iran’s Nuclear Quest in Recess

On July 2, some explosions at the nuclear component facility at Natanz in Iran appear to have damaged the crucial centrifuges delaying its programme by at least two years as per Iranian officials. Earlier, there was yet another blast said to be at th

Happenings Concerning Hagia Sofia Call for India’s Moral Voice

Turkey's recent decision to convert the iconic Hagia Sofia museum into a mosque is condemnable. It marks yet another move by Erdogan's Turkey to turn its back on the measures, admired the world over, taken by Kemal Ataturk to turn Turkey into a truly

Beijing’s New National Security Law: What it means for Hong Kong?

A resurgent China seeking a pie in every corner in the world has chosen to pursue a ruthless policy of expanding its global footprint by cajoling, coercion, policy of economic domination (read BRI), infringing on another country’s territorial sover

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