International Relations/Diplomacy
Indonesian Defence Minister’s visit to India

The defence minister of Indonesia, General Prabowo Subianto was on a three day-visit to India from 26-28 July. The meeting was aimed at strengthening bilateral defence relationship. Two years ago, both countries elevated their relationship to a compr

Inflexion in Sino-Indian Relations: Case for Strategic Pragmatism

The new China has shown itself as muscular, aggressive, expansionist and determined to force its way to top of the world stage by vigourously establishing Pax Sinica. China’s in the past three decades has been rapidly growing economically

Sino-Indian Standoff: Can India Rely on USA?

The deterioration in China's relations with the USA and India have not entirely uncoincidentally been accompanied by the blossoming of ties between the latter. Nevertheless, as India looks down the barrel of a military confrontation with China, as a

Sino- Iran Proposed Accord: China’s Expansionism Continues

Sometime back there was a news item that Iran has decided to undertake construction of the Chabahar- Zahedan Railway Line on its own. The reason given was that India who was earlier building that Railway line was going slow on

The Israeli-UAE Deal

On 13th August 2020, President Trump announced that he had brokered a deal between Israel and the U.A.E to normalize relations. It is rather strange that a third country should be the first to announce a deal between two other countries. Obviously, T

Turkey’s stand-off with Greece and Cyprus in the Mediterranean

The EU Council issued a statement on 14th August reaffirming its ‘full solidarity with Greece and Cyprus’.1 The statement reiterated that ‘sovereign rights of EU member states must be respected’.2 It stressed that ‘Imm

The Fallacy of One China Policy

“We support the One China policy. However, we expect you to also have a One India policy.” These were the words of the late External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj spoken to the Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi in June 2014. With rising Chines

White Mutiny or a Grey Revolution in Belarus -Only time will Tell

Who wants to give up power anyway? History of the long serving leaders abdicating before the time is ripe has rare entries even if the writing on the wall was rather clear. In last decade it has happened to several North African leaders as a consequ

US Election 2020: Kamala Harris is the Democratic Party's Vice-presidential candidate

Joe Biden has chosen his former critic and rival for Democratic presidential nomination, Kamala Devi Harris, as his running mate for the upcoming Presidential election in November. In his tweet announcing the decision, Biden called Harris “a fearle

Western Media Bias against India

The Western Media is now more vocal about the growing pervasiveness of moral denunciation through ‘Cancel Culture’ in western societies. Cancel Culture refers to a boycott of someone in professional or social circles that is determi

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