International Relations/Diplomacy
Tajikistan: Another Victim of Chinese Belligerence in Central Asia

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, China has shown increasing irredentist tendencies. From the South China Sea to its South and Central Asian neighbours, Chinese territorial encroachment has created fissures in b

China menace decoded by the USA

If Sino Indian relations have reached an inflexion point following China's breach of all agreements as demonstrated by their recent actions in Eastern Ladakh so too have Sino-US relations. While the latter had been under stress, since the advent of t

Countering the Dragon in the Skies

This is a linked brief with the previous work titled ‘Power Behind Arrogance’ carried on the VIF portal on 23 Jun 2020.1 The previous article dealt with the analysis of the air and missile arsenal of China. It analysed how the Chine

Floods in China: Yet another critical test for Xi Jinping

Floods in China are an annual phenomenon. This year’s flood comes at the time when China is already battling the COVID-19 which has hit 27 out of 31 provinces of China. Since June, torrential rain in China has broken all records. It is the most dev

West Asia Round Up: July 2020

China-Iran deal announced earlier this month continued to reverberate through the continent and elsewhere that has been dictated by the enhanced US-China and US-Iran rivalry. The proposed 25 years Agreement , which has b

परमाणु हथियार की ईरान की चाहत पर लगा ग्रहण

ईरान के नतंज़ परमाणु केंद्र पर पिछले 2 जुलाई को हुए विस्फोट से ऐसा लगता है कि उसके महत्त्वपूर्ण

Now the Blasts in Beirut

On 04 August twin blasts rocked the Beirut skyline shattering the buildings and property around. The sound of the blasts was heard in Cyprus some 200 Kms away. According to the Lebanese authorities 78 people were killed and over 4000 injured and the

Indonesia and the Growing Influence of Islam

Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim country but is not an Islamic State. It is governed by its doctrine of Pancasila enshrined in the Constitution1. Besides its belief in One God, the Constitution also recognises six religions in Ind

EU Budget and Special Economic Package to Fight COVID-19

The EU adopted a Euro 1.074 trillion dollar budget for a seven-year budget cycle from 1921-27 last month. This was combined with a Euro 750 billion package to assist the Member States to recover from the impact of COVID-19 on their economies.1

Has a Cold War Started between U.S. and China?

China-U.S. relations are deteriorating at a rapid pace and some scholars have wondered whether we are witnessing the beginnings of Cold War 2 between the two biggest economies? On 21st July 2020, the U.S. State Department ordered that Chinese C

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