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What is “Strategic” about Promoting Pvt Firms?

The second round of the India-US strategic dialogue has not produced anything especially noteworthy. The bilateral agenda is “transformational” in scope, as it seeks to overcome the hurdles and inhibitions of the past, and has spawned 21 Dialogue

French Fire: Diplomacy eased the challenges Rafale faced to qualify for the MMRCA commercial bid

The concept of a strategic partnership between India and France emerged politically after our nuclear tests in 1998. France adopted a much more accommodating position on India’s decision to test than any other western country. Instead of punishing

On Another Plane - The Indo-Us Relationship cannot Depend on a Single Deal

The competition for the 126 medium multirole combat aircraft deal has sprung a surprise. The two American aircraft, the F-16 and the F-18, have been eliminated after technical evaluation by the Indian air force, belying the expectations of the govern

US Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan: Nothing New About Barack Obama's Address

In December 2009, when announcing the “surge” of an additional 30,000 US troops into Afghanistan President Obama had simultaneously promised the beginning of the draw down of American forces in July 2011. This artful decision was tailored to sati

Great Expectations: Indo-French Defence Relations

The shortlisting of the French Rafale and the Eurofighter as the two final contenders for the $10 billion MMRCA deal puts a renewed spotlight on Indo-French defense cooperation, particularly as the US aircraft have been excluded. The comprehensive an

Pakistan After Bin Laden

The killing of Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani garrison town on 2 May 2011 raised heated questions about that state’s reliability as a partner against terrorism. Given that since 2001, Pakistani officials had repeatedly insisted that the Al Qaeda ch

India-China-Japan Relations and the Weakness of Japanese Diplomacy

A good example of the weakness of Japanese diplomacy is the resurgence of territorial dispute between China and Japan in September 2010. Since August 2010, there have been an increasing number of Chinese fishing boats in the

India's relations with the US and Russia

During the Cold War when US and the Soviet Union were acknowledged as superpowers, with monstrous nuclear arsenals at their command, vying with each other internationally, with competing ideologies and alliances, making a comparative analysis of Indi

Developmental Onslaught in Inner Mongolia

Rampant sacrifice of hapless marginalised section of the society at the altar of ideology of development is too common to stir commotion in human sensitivity. The grotesque death scene of Mongol nomad Mergen whose head was crushed to pieces under the

How India Deals with Pakistan and China

It might be interesting to analyse our diplomatic handling of China and Pakistan on a comparative basis. These two countries pose the most difficult and complex foreign policy challenges to us. Is our approach to both countries similar, or there are

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