International Relations/Diplomacy
Recognizing Somaliland

India made history when she liberated and recognized the Republic of Bangladesh despite fierce international opposition from some of the cold-war superpowers. India took that strategic step because that was the right thing to do and suited India’s

Geostrategic Factors In Indo-US Relations

An examination of the history of the Indo-American engagement since Indian Independence shows that there were three major occasions when the relationship might have developed along more positive lines. These were, first, in the period immediately aft

Getting lost in Afghanistan

It’s 10 years of the ongoing war in Afghanistan. As the US-led NATO forces prepare the ground to throw in the towel, the situation in the region remains as critical as ever. And, it’s unlikely to change until the Pakistan problem is sorted out

Afghan Peace Move has Lost its Promise

The brutal assassination of the former Afghan President Burnahuddin Rabbani who was chairing the High Peace Council set up to bring about internal reconciliation in Afghanistan dramatises all that is wrong with the country’s present state and its

“…We are fighting for Tibetan Dignity, Tibetan Identity, Tibetan Freedom, and what we are seeking is Equality…”

Thank you very much Ajit Dovalji for your very kind and generous introduction and Mr. T.C.A. Rangachari and others for organising the Conference today. It is a great honour to be in the presence of so many esteemed guests and I would like to begin by

Revitalising India’s ‘Look East’ Policy

It has been two decades since India launched its much-vaunted ‘Look East’ policy. The recent conclusion of free trade agreements with Malaysia and Japan, which follows in the footsteps of similar agreements with Singapore and South Korea, has rea

The Emerging Situation in Afghanistan and Indo-Afghan Relations

The Indo-Afghan relations cannot but be seen in the context of the evolving situation in Afghanistan. Many regional and extra regional players have been involved in the Afghan imbroglio for over a decade and some for even over three decades. Interven

India’s Options in Afghanistan

Geo-Political perceptions of Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan Before one can dwell on India’s options in Afghanistan, it may be better to examine the Pakistan’s role in this country. The geo- political perceptions of Pakistan in Afghani

Cables Wake-Up Call for Politicos

Should Wikileaks be taken seriously? Has our media giving them more attention than they deserve? These are the questions that have been asked. The first round of Wikileaks created a sensation as, for the first time ever, classified diplomatic communi


Our transforming relationship with the United States presents major opportunities as well as snares. The increasing attention we receive from the US recognizes as well as contributes to our growing international stature. If the US re-evaluates the po

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