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BRICS Summit and Beyond – An Assessment

General For the premier emerging economies of the World, BRICS as they have been categorised by Goldman Sachs a decade ago, the Third Summit in Sanya though some tend to categorise it as the First as South Africa was included for the

Indian Foreign Policy Vis a Vis Pakistan: Dialogue and Prospects

India’s foreign policy, like that of any other country, is the resultant of a complex interplay of several factors most notably its history, geography, power potential, ethos, and polity. These have beckoned India towards the adoption of a resolute

Indian Foreign Policy

Immutable Features of Indian Foreign Policy: India’s foreign policy like that of any other country is the product of the complex interplay of a variety of factors such as history, geography, ethos, power potential, polity etc. These have

No Reason For India To Align With West On Its Pet Causes

We should be politically clear-sighted about our supposed “international obligations” as a rising global power. We are accused at times of being “free-loaders” who benefit from the global system without assuming sufficient responsibility for

Neighbour is not Sporting but we have Handed out invite.

Not only the World Cup sporting fortunes of our cricket team in the quarter final match against Australia were in play, the political fortunes of our relations with Pakistan were at stake too. Unknown to them our gallant players were playing for

Hardly Any Water In Wikileaks Revelations

Professional diplomats will find little that is new or startling in the Wikileaks cables. For them the quality and content of reporting in the leaked cables is quite standard fare. Transmitting to Headquarters information gleaned from contacts, asse

A Deepening Mess - Pakistan is again exploiting India’s eagerness for dialogue

Apropos our decision to resume a “comprehensive” dialogue with Pakistan, the question needs to be asked why we want to play the same game with our neighbour again and again when we know that it does not want to play by accepted rules, or interpre

India doesn't need advice from others in responding to Egypt

Criticism of India’s perceived reluctance to endorse the democratic urgings surfacing in many Arab countries is misplaced. The Indian media has, of course, covered the upsurge in Egypt very extensively, to the point that outside observers may concl

President Mededev's Visit

President Medvedev’s recent visit to India (December 21-22) has contributed to retrieving some of the ground being lost in India-Russia ties. A perception has been growing that the relevance of Russia to India has declined in the context of the c

Hu's Visit Shouldn't Worry US

President Hu’s just concluded US visit has naturally attracted international attention, as the challenger was meeting the champion, as it were. The US is seen as a slowly declining power, and China a rapidly rising one. The dwindling of US power w

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