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SCO Summit and Afghanistan: Looking for a Regional Solution

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s twelfth Summit held at Beijing in first week of June this year deliberated upon Afghanistan at length. Even though Afghanistan has not been either a member or observer of this group President Karzai has been

Why Non-alignment 2.0 does us a Disservice

The document, prepared by an eminent 8-member group, has attracted both criticism and praise. The latter is mainly for drawing attention to India's innumerable foreign policy challenges and for generating debate thereon. On the negativ

The Return of Putin and Indo-Russian Relations

The Boris Yeltsin era, that is the decade of 1990s, had led to the decline of Russian power not only at the global level but also in its near periphery. The economic dividend which Russia expected due to its accommodation with the West never material

US Offer Calls for Finesse

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta’s recent visit to India brings to the fore again the question of the depth India should impart to India-US defence ties. Panetta has been explicit about US interest in deepening them. The itinerary that took him

Implications of US Defence Secretary’s Visit to New Delhi

The two days visit of US Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta to India generated considerable interest both among the political circles and strategic community. Major interest was in the new American defence strategy the chief element of which was re ba

President Putin Redux

Even with the North Atlantic orientation of today’s European policy, we cannot forget that NATO and Europe are not one and the same thing. And I’ve already said that Russia is a country of European culture, not NATO culture.

A Good Product To Sell

The relationship between democracy and international security is frequently debated in international circles. It is also said that more prosperity at the international level is conducive for global security. How true are these propositions, in fact?

The Normal Socialist

What does Francois Hollande’s victory in the French presidential election mean for India, Europe and the rest of the world? We know very little about him in India. Hollande’s political career has been confined to domestic politics, but without a

India Needs to Seize the Initiative in Myanmar

Forthcoming visit of Prime Minister to Myanmar after a gap of 25 years is an historic opportunity to seize the initiative in a country which has been described by many strategic thinkers as the lynchpin of our ‘Look East Policy’. M

Daft of Hillary to Push Us on Iran

India-US relations have neither burgeoned as much as the enthusiasts may have wanted nor withered as much as the skeptics may have anticipated. The relationship is neither in an impasse nor is it set to surge ahead dramatically. The we

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