China menace decoded by the USA

If Sino Indian relations have reached an inflexion point following China's breach of all agreements as demonstrated by their recent actions in Eastern Ladakh so too have Sino-US relations. While the latter had been under stress, since the advent of t

चीन की धमकी को भारत के करारे जवाब पर सवाल करना राष्ट्र विरोधी

इस बार का भारत-चीन टकराव 1962 की लड़ाई के बाद से सबसे गंभीर टकराव है। यह विवाद सैकड़ों किलोमीटर लंबी

Happenings Concerning Hagia Sofia Call for India’s Moral Voice

Turkey's recent decision to convert the iconic Hagia Sofia museum into a mosque is condemnable. It marks yet another move by Erdogan's Turkey to turn its back on the measures, admired the world over, taken by Kemal Ataturk to turn Turkey into a truly

Questioning India's Robust Response to the Chinese Threat is Anti National

The current Sino Indian faceoff is the most serious since the 1962 conflict. Strung across hundreds of kilometres and encompassing many contentious areas it has been marked by scuffles between the two sides resulting in scores of casualties and heavy

Sino Indian Faceoff: An Inflection Point in Relations

The ongoing Sino-Indian faceoff at several points in Ladakh as well as at Naku La in Sikkim have brought the relationship to an inflexion point. While examining the extraordinary gravity of this face off -- a product of Chinese duplicity and aggressi

बेहतर कल के लिए उठाएं कोविड-19 का फायदा

हम लॉकडाउन के चौथे चरण में कदम रखने वाले हैं और इस बात की समीक्षा करने का यह एकदम सही समय है कि भा

Leveraging COVID-19 for a Better Tomorrow

As we are about to enter lockdown 4.0 it is an opportune moment to evaluate how India has handled the Covid-19 challenge so far, to assess the evolving situation both in terms of the progression of the disease and its ramifications, and to contemplat

To Lockdown or Not

All Indians await with bated breath the government's decision as to what should be done on expiry of the current countrywide lockdown. There are no easy answers and this is an occasion when no one would envy being in Prime Minister Modi's shoes. Indi

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