Resumption of India Pakistan Back Channel Talks: An Uncalled for Move

It is understood that the India-Pakistan back channel talks have been reactivated and are underway. It may be recalled that this back channel was initiated at the beginning of the UPA regime in 2004 and was in operation all along until its disruption

Obama’s New Strategic Guidance Indicates a Shift in Defence Policy

The new strategic guidance for the US Department of Defence, issued on January 5th 2012, in an eight page document entitled “Sustaining US Leadership: Priorities for 21th Century Defense”, merits careful study. It not only provides insights into

Why Krishna's Visit to Lanka can't be Termed 'Successful'

As is customary, official circles in India have hailed External Affairs S M Krishna's four-day visit to Sri Lanka from January 16th to 19th 2012 as 'successful.' Whether or not it was indeed 'successful' demands an examination of what transpired duri

Japanese Prime Minister’s State Visit To India

The state visit to India of Japanese Prime Minister Noda for the annual Prime Ministerial Summit on December 27-28, 2011 has placed India-Japan ties on a firm upward spiral. Following the dip in relations as a result of adverse Japanese reactions to

Pursue an Activist Policy, Reaching out to All Players

The US intent to draw down its forces from Afghanistan beginning July 2011 has been articulated on several occasions since President Barack Obama’s address at West Point on 1 December 2009. In this address he had justified the 30,000 US troop surge

Malfeasance in Maldives

Manmohan Singh is taking huge risks in appeasing Pakistan in the hope that it will lead to a thaw in bilateral relations and mould his stature as a ‘statesman'. But his gestures have been disproportionate to the existing ground realities. He is off

Dr Baburam Bhattarai's India Visit

An evaluation of the visit to India, from October 20 to October 23, of Nepal’s Prime Minister, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, must take into account not only what he and the Indian side have been projecting but equally of what was done and how it was done.

PM’s Bangladesh Visit: Not A Game Changer

Prime Minister’s visit to Bangladesh from September 6th to 7th was a once in a life time opportunity to place India-Bangladesh ties on an irreversibly upward trajectory. The imperative for seizing this opportunity at the earliest arises from the fa

PM Bails Out Pakistan

To compensate Pakistan for the losses caused by the flood last year, the European Council offered it tariff concession on 75 items. India had opposed it on the ground that it would hurt the interest of our exporters. The Prime Minister’s decision t

Futile Review Of National Security

The Task Force appointed by the UPA Government for national security review is unlikely to produce a report that will carry weight and be accepted for implementation. Its limited remit and the fact that it comprises retired officials who carry no clo

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