Indian Foreign Policy Vis a Vis Pakistan: Dialogue and Prospects

India’s foreign policy, like that of any other country, is the resultant of a complex interplay of several factors most notably its history, geography, power potential, ethos, and polity. These have beckoned India towards the adoption of a resolute

Indian Foreign Policy

Immutable Features of Indian Foreign Policy: India’s foreign policy like that of any other country is the product of the complex interplay of a variety of factors such as history, geography, ethos, power potential, polity etc. These have impelle

India's Deafening Silence On The Tumult In The Arab World

“The worst place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral during a moral crisis”: Dante At a time when there is great tumult in the entire Arab world, India’s continuing silence on the developments in a region of critical strategic

Knowing when not to talk

The ministry of external affairs press release of February 10, and our foreign secretary’s press conference of February 8, clearly indicate that the latter and her Pakistani counterpart agreed at Thimphu to resume the stalled India-Pakistan dialogu

Route To Nuclear Disarment

The international community, as a whole, has never really moved in any purposive and concerted fashion to achieve the objective of a nuclear weapon free world. While there have been many calls for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons, progres

Wikileaks cables show India's faulty diplomacy

The failure of our diplomatic offensive against Pakistan after the 26/11 attacks rests in part on our faulty tactics. The Wikileaks disclosures are a part of the classified US diplomatic traffic comprising, as is the norm, not only of reportage of d

Has Obama's Visit Addressed India's Core Concerns?

Satish Chandra, the former deputy national security adviser, wonders whether India's core interests were addressed during President Obama's meetings with Prime Minister Singh. That the three-day Obama visit to India was an indisputable success i


Amidst the doom and gloom generated by an Indian foreign policy, which has for the last several years been marked by lack of vision and by pusillanimity in dealings with USA, Pakistan and China, there are two areas in which there are grounds for chee

Our language has let us down in talks with Pakistan

Language is the handmaiden of diplomacy as it is through words, spoken or written, through which one's message is conveyed. Effective diplomacy, therefore, demands precision in the use of language, as all its processes such as communicating, negotiat

It would be an error to talk to Pakistan again

he major lesson we should draw from the foreign minister-level talks is that Pakistan is not serious about addressing our concerns on terrorism. This should have been clear to us long ago because we have been talking to Pakistan on terrorism ever

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