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पूर्वोत्तर में तस्वीर बदलने वाले समझौते
पिछले दिनों दो अहम समझौते किए गए और उनसे पूर्वोत्तर में स्थायी शांति और समृद्धि आने की उम्मीद है। हैरत की बात नहीं है कि 2019 के नागरिकता (संशोधन) अधिनियम पर मचे बवाल के पीछे दौड़ रहे इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मीडिया ने इस घटनाक्रम पर पर्याप्त ध्यान नहीं दिया। इन दोनों समझौतों ने दशकों से चले आ रहे विवाद खत्म कर दिए हैं। कुछ हिचकिचाहट बेशक बची है, लेकिन नए माहौल में उसे भी सुलझाया जा सकता है। मानवीयता भरे ये समझौते देश की सुरक्षा और संप्रभुता का भी ध्यान रखते हैं।
Creating an Effective CDS for India’s National Defence
Nearly two decades after submission of the Kargil Review Committee (KRC) report in 1999, the Group of Ministers (GOM) Report in 2001 and recommendations of the Naresh Chandra Task Force in 2012, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) for the Indian armed forces has become a reality.
West Asia Roundup - January 2020
The year ended on a sombre note and 2020 woke up to more accentuated volatility in West Asia pursuant to the targeted killing of highly influential Iranian IRIGC General Qassem Soleimani by the US drone strikes in Iraq (Jan 3) while reportedly he was going to meet the Iraqi Prime Minister.
The United Kingdom Hit by another Islamist Extremism Inspired Terror Attack
The knife terror attack on 02 February 2020 in Streatham High Road in London, United Kingdom (UK) brought back memories of a similar terror incident on the streets of London on 29 November 2019 in which a Pakistan-origin British national—Usman Khan, in his late twenties, stabbed two people to death and injured three others at the London Bridge, in Central London,1.
Does The Trump Plan for Peace Make Sense?
Before answering the question, let us look at the highlights of the 180-page plan worked out over three years, between Israel and U.S., with marginal consultations with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and one or two others , but not with the Palestinians whose fate is being decided announced on 28th January, 2020. It is best to look at the plans under a few headings: Two States
Addressing the Slugfest over Government Statistics
The arena of government statistical data is an unlikely subject for a political slugfest, given that there is a plethora of issues that can and do engage those who are suitably inclined. Besides, it is too ‘dull’ a matter to catch the attention of politicians, much less the common man. And yet, in recent months, the government and the opposition parties have been at loggerheads over the credibility of figures the former has presented on the domestic economic situation.
China in Cyberspace
A number of major developments in warfare and military technology occurred in the latter half of 20th century. These paradigm shifts are seen in veering away from waging conventional wars to unconventional wars; from nuclear wars to non-proliferation; from Bipolar to Unipolar world; and lastly, use of high technology to control, exploit and degrade the adversary’s Electro Magnetic Spectrum.
VIF News Digest
Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
February 11, 2020
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16 January - 31 January 2020

Defence: Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh flags off 51st K9 VAJRA-T Gun from L&T Armoured System Complex in Gujarat...

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International Development
February 19, 2020
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US) 01-15 Feb 2020

Bernie Sanders Scores Narrow Victory in New Hampshire Primary 11 Feb 2020 Senator Bernie Sanders narrowly won the New...

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Neighbourhood News
February 24, 2020
VIF Neighborhood News Digest: February 24, 2020

PAKISTAN Govt. to help KE raise generation capacity by 1,600MW: Dawn February 24, 2020 Amid delays in K-Electric takeover by...

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