India’s Climate Policy

The 1990s were a time of global change. The fall of the Berlin Wall led to Francis Fukuyama arguing in The End of History and the Last Man that western liberal democracy had triumphed and there was to be nothing thereafter in the developmental....

Welcome Remarks by the Director during the Vimarsh Lecture on ‘Protecting the Environment' by Sh Adarsh Kumar Goe - 27 Jun 2024

Dear Friends,
It is my pleasure to welcome you to today’s Vimarsh talk on ‘Protecting the Environment’ by Sh Adarsh Kumar Goel. He is retired judge of the Supreme Court and a former Chairman of the National Green Tribunal. I want t....

Neighbourhood News Digest – 07 June 2024

Putin Emphasizes Need for Inclusive Afghan Government – Tolo News
Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his latest remarks, has emphasized the importance of engaging with the Islamic Emirate, while also stressing ....

Neighbourhood News Digest – 06 June 2024

Russia Supports Afghanistan's SCO Membership – Tolo News
Zamir Kabulov, Russia's special envoy for Afghanistan, stated that if the Islamic Emirate is recognized, Moscow will support Afghanistan's membership in th....

Neighborhood News Digest- 15 May 2024

Eight Govt Institutions Merged Into Ministries-Tolo News
Based on a decree from the leader of the Islamic Emirate, eight government institutions that were not previously under the management of ministries have now ....

Neighborhood News Digest- 13 February 2024

Two Guantanamo Prisoners Return to Kabul after 22 Years-Tolo News
Two Afghan prisoners held in the US's Guantanamo detention center have returned to Kabul on Monday after 15 years of imprisonment in the US center, ....

Neighborhood News Digest- 09 February 2024

Muttaqi Criticizes Human Rights Rhetoric of West-Tolo News
The Acting Foreign Minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, said that during the last 20 years, acts of terrorism have been carried out in Afghanistan in the name of h....

Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE): A Significant Platform to Bring about Behavioural changes to protect and Conserve the Environment

Our climate is changing at a rapid pace. Climate change is a term which refers to long term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns.[1] There are t....

Recent trends in Environment and Climate Change: The Case of the High Seas Treaty and Mission Life

In this episode of the VIF Podcast, Mr. PK Khup Hangzo, Associate Fellow, VIF and Ms. Heena Samant, Research Associate, VIF discuss two key issues namely the recently adopted UN High Seas Treaty, the first global treaty aimed at protecting marine lif....

Basanti Devi: An Environmentalist and a champion of Women Empowerment

Born in a village of Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand in 1958, Basanti Devi’s life was never easy. She got married at the age of twelve, only to become a widow at fourteen. What transpired after that is nothing more than an inspiration for sever....

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