Politics of Opportunism: Regional Parties, Coalitions, Centre-State Relations In India

With over 2000 political parties registered with the Election Commission and national parties no longer being able to garner a simple majority, the rules of the game of politics in India are fast changing. There is little doubt that coalition...

China's Great Leap Forward II

Development of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a fulcrum of the One Belt One Road Initiative through which China seeks to realise the ‘Chinese Dream’ to be a global power and a regional hegemon. The Corridor connects China’s Western...

History of Ancient India (Vol. VI - VII) released on 17 January 2019

History of Ancient India Vol. VI
Social, Political and Judicial Ideas, Institutions and Practices

India's Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy

Has India always been a part of someone else's strategy? A RAND Corporation study argues that India thinks defensively due to the geography and cultural belief systems, so India never had a strategic culture. There is also the argument that India...

A Political Economic Approach to Reclaiming India

For 70 years, governance and administration of India has been guided by left-leaning economists fed on western precepts of the subcontinent's history and culture. A new generation of policy-makers call this myopic and are ready for a...

Sardar Patel, Unifier of Modern India, by RNP Singh

Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950) left his mark not only on the map of India but also on the minds of her people. He is said to have bequeathed the idea of an integrated India to the nation, and is often called the ‘Iron Man’, with an uncanny...

Hindu – Buddhist Philosophy on Conflict Avoidance & Environment Consciousness

Book Published

Driven by the myopia of profits and an ego that craves superiority over fellow brethren, man is leading a life of wanton devastation, and going through what is perhaps the most violent time in history. At stake is not just our own lives and...

China's Expanding Military Maritime Footprint in the Indian Ocean Region: India's Response

Book Published

ISBN: 9789386618122
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: PB
Pages: 120
Price: Rs. 349

Online Available at Pentagon Press

Securing India : VIF Perspective | Issues & Trends | 2017

Book Published

Geopolitics is witnessing a flux not seen in decades, treading an uncertain path in the hope to arrive at a new equilibrium.

The Kashmir Narrative

Book Published

ISBN: 9788182748996
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: PB
Pages: 100
Price: Rs. 295

Online Available at Pentagon Press

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