Random Thoughts 2021 - Emerging Paradigm Shift in the Changing Global, Political and Economic Order
S Gurumurthy, Chairman, VIF

Random Thoughts 2021 touches upon unusual range of subjects, namely from emerging civilisational, religious and historical issues; to out-of-the-box suggestions for astronomy-based education for conflict avoidance, to how liberal democracies are short-termist as compared to long-termist autocratic China; to how the liberal and civilisational democracies like India are different, to how Indian democracy is under threat both from autocratic China and Western liberalism; to how market economics is distinct from market societies, to contemporary geopolitical, geo-economics, geo-strategic issues with a particular reference to India and India’s strategic relations with select countries and the emerging strategic relations between India and the -- just to mention a few. 

Random Thoughts 2021 is a humble attempt to provoke a debate on larger issues, including civilisational, cultural and social diversity issues that had missed their place in the debates leading to the formation of the post-World War II and post-Cold War global order which stands challenged today.

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