Jammu and Kashmir: A Compendium

Over the last seventy years, Jammu & Kashmir has seen political machinations, violence, cross-border terrorism, instability and economic stagnation. On August 5, 2019, the Indian Government decided to amend Article 370 of the Indian...

Radicalization in India: An Exploration

Kashmir has been in turmoil since the past three decades or so. The state of dissatisfaction in that part of a free, democratic, secular Indian nation is a rather perplexing development, the question being that how can any well groomed group of...

Twelve Essays on Terrorism: A VIF Analysis Edited by Lt Gen Gautam Banerjee

Book Published

Hardcover: 260 pages
Publisher: Pentagon Press; First Edition edition (2017)
ISBN-10: 8182749425
ISBN-13: 978-8182749429


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