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Tibet in International Law and Practice

“Since Tibet is not the same as China, it should ultimately be the wishes of the people of Tibet that should prevail and not any legal or constitutional arguments. That, I think, is a valid point. Whether the people of Tibet are strong enough to

Fighting to the Muzzle at Rezangla

Fifty years ago, India suffered the ignominy of a military debacle at the hands of the People’s Liberation Army of communist China. Perceptive strategic analysts now attribute the Himalayan blunder to the untenable ‘Forward Policy’ and Pandit N

Games China Plays - India’s Insecurities allow China to get its Own Way

The 50th anniversary of the 1962 India-China border conflict provides an appropriate occasion to reflect on border differences between the two countries and the outlook for the future. India’s view of China is heavily etched by the 1962 events. At

India Has no Reason to Trust China

We have to deal with China pragmatically, within the framework of our serious political differences and opportunities for economic engagement. China has grown into a formidable economic power, with swelling military muscles. It has suc

Enter The Dragon

In the background of a perceived shift in global power from the West to the East, future relations between a rising China and India are a fit subject for analysis and speculation. The title of Bertil Lintner’ book - “Great Game East: India, C

Strategic Posture Along China – India Borders is India Prepared?

The Context – Strategic Scenario China’s rise as a major international actor is certainly a defining feature of the strategic landscape of 21st Century. It certainly has ramifications for the entire world but most definitely for the Fa

China’s Emerging War Concepts

The People’s Liberation Army has launched a rapid modernisation drive to prepare for 21st century warfare and to enable China to project military power well away from its land borders and territorial waters. The new type of war that is

String of Pearls or A Garrotte

While China Skilfully Plays With Wei Qi, India seems to be playing noughts and crosses China’s relations with our neighbours have two dimensions. One, its policies towards them are derived from the state of its relations with India. Two, they

China’s Involvement in India’s Internal Security Threats

Unlike Pakistan, the involvement of China in meddling with India’s internal security is not a simple story of ‘sub-conventional warfare. It is more nuanced and complex. Under Mao Zedong, China supported revolutionary insurgencies throughout the w

The Evolving Threat from PLA along Indo-Tibetan Border: Implications

Early this month the Research and Analysis Wing in its threat assessment conveyed to the government that "there was a possibility of a skirmish or an incident triggered by China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). ...Beijing was contemplating suc

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