International Relations/Diplomacy
China as Hydro- Hegemon : The Onset of Water Wars

The Chinese civilization is characterized by its ability to do long term perspective thinking of an unusual order. As far back as 1952, Chairman Mao Ze dong had articulated that Water Stress in the Northern and Western parts of China would be a very

China and Vietnam: Delicate Balance of Natural Allies

The recent row between Vietnam and China in the South China Sea is yet another illustration of ‘peaceful rise of China’. It began in the last week of May and continued through second week of June, when in two similar incidents, exploration cables

Chinese Moves on the Brahmaputra: Threat or Hype

Water—one of the most important natural resource on earth—has taken centre-stage in the North East and is steadily becoming a weapon of geopolitics. It began as a mass movement engineered by the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti and its demand to halt

China in the Af-Pak Region

There have been lot of conjectures and apprehensions regarding the role China would play in Afghanistan since Obama in his New Afghan Policy proposed July 2011 as a dateline for commencing the withdrawal of American troops, eventually leading to a co

New Leadership and Challenges for Tibetans-in-Exile

Tibetan society did not enter into transformational stage until it had faced brutal forces of the communist China in 1950 which led to the so-called revolutionary transformation of the subjugated community. The real transformation of the traditional

Defending China: PRC’s Defence White Paper 2010 and Military Transparency

As part of its effort towards bringing in more transparency in military affairs People’s Republic of China has been regularly churning out its white papers on national defence since 1998. Progressively, China has been increasing the length of

China’s Defence Budget (2011-12)

Amid growing international concerns, the People’s Republic of China presented its latest defence budget on 4 March 2011, a day ahead of the opening of the Republic’s Ninth National People's Congress. The budget shows a marked increase of 12.6 per

Enter The Dragon

Hu Jintao, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CCP) recently came visiting the US. For the reasons of protocol he donned a different hat and was feted by the mainstream American media as the President of the Peoples' Republic of Ch

Hu's Visit Shouldn't Worry US

President Hu’s just concluded US visit has naturally attracted international attention, as the challenger was meeting the champion, as it were. The US is seen as a slowly declining power, and China a rapidly rising one. The dwindling of US power w

PLA Navy’s Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile: Challenge to India

Modernisation of PLA Navy (PLAN) is one of the important planks of China’s revolution of military affairs with indigenous characteristics. The Defence White Papers of China issued regularly after every two years have laid great emphasis on developm

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