International Relations/Diplomacy
Chinese Chequers

“ Shi lang, the latest addition to the PLA Navy has triggered speculation, concern, and some anxiety about what next by China as America the lone super power and the supposed to be guardian of the Free World seems to crawl into a fetal position

China’s Plans for Capturing the High Ground in Space

China has been regularly coming out with white papers in many areas of its endeavour including defence and space activities. Promoting transparency is claimed to be one of the main goals of such an exercise. But largely such papers hide more and reve

DANGEROUS LIASIONS : Pakistan-China nexus poses strategic threat to India

It is more practical to limit the review of India’s security mainly to the classic concept of a nations’s security, not its extended definition given today that includes energy, food, water etc. With the end of the Cold War and the lowering of t

China Aims for Global Space Leadership

For China, which joined the global space league in a modest way with a launch of a lightweight satellite in 1970, the year 2011 is all set to stand out as both “eventful and exciting”. Indeed, for this Asian communist giant, which has set its eye

Greedy Dragon Thirsty Neighbours

How stealthy China’s gigantic river projects will create strategic conflicts in a region suffering from growing water scarcity Brahma Chellaney’s new book examines the water scenario in Asia in the context of the increasing use and decr

China’s Stance in East Asia at Odds with Pok Policy

Friction betwen India and China has expanded from South Asia to East Asia. Reacting to two oil exploration blocks offered by Vietnam to India in the South China Sea, China has called on countries to refrain from such ventures because of its “indisp

Pentagon Report Outlines Fast Track PLA Modernisation

The Annual Report of the Department of Defence colloquially known as Pentagon’s Report on China’s Military Power has been released. The Report is mandated by the US Congress and provides a bird’s eye view each year of developments in the People

Xinjiang’s Pakistan Connection & Beijing’s Folly

The proximity that has been characterising China and Pakistan relationship may turn out to be not quite all-weather if investigations into the recent violence in Chinese controlled Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region reveal a Pakistan-based Islamist

NSG stamp for Sino-Pak pact a blow to India

The June meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has legitimized the supply of two additional nuclear reactors to Pakistan by China in violation of its own NSG commitments. This is a blow to our security interests. China presented the NSG with

China as Hydro- Hegemon : The Onset of Water Wars

The Chinese civilization is characterized by its ability to do long term perspective thinking of an unusual order. As far back as 1952, Chairman Mao Ze dong had articulated that Water Stress in the Northern and Western parts of China would be a very

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